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Crafts for Kids: Christmas Stockings

Updated on October 27, 2011

easy crafts for kids - Christmas stockings

I enjoy making crafts. I especially enjoy making Christmas crafts like Christmas stockings. I'll narrow it down more - I really like making easy crafts. And with eight grandkids, I'm always searching for crafts for kids. There really aren't a whole lot of crafts that young children can help with, but this is an easy craft for kids. Among all the Christmas crafts I've made, the Christmas stockings are among my faves. The grands get a big kick out of seeing their personalized Christmas stockings on display, just waiting to be filled by the jolly old elf on Christmas Eve.

Christmas is a great time for families to enjoy being together. While the kids are out of school, why not keep them occupied with making a few Christmas crafts? They'll love creating their own Christmas stockings and showing them off "by the chimney with care." This activity is fun, easy, and inexpensive!

What you'll need for this Christmas craft:

Christmas stockings from the dollar store (I like a felt Christmas stocking)

E6000 glue


acrylic stones in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes



colorful buttons

scraps of material

felt squares

squeeze bottles of fabric paint

How to decorate Christmas stockings

I like to use felt Christmas stockings for this Christmas craft. Why? Because a felt Christmas stocking is usually inexpensive. Also, a felt Christmas stocking has a surface that makes gluing easy. In other words, stuff sticks well to a felt Christmas stocking.

Before you start, place a piece of paper or cardboard inside the Christmas stocking so that if the glue or paint bleeds through, the stocking will not be glued together. Write the child's name at the top of the Christmas stocking and allow to dry overnight. The next day, set out all the adornments and let the kids use their imaginations! Use toothpicks to place a drop of glue on the backs of buttons and stones. To make a "patchwork" stocking, glue fabric scraps onto the front side of the stocking and glue ribbons on to cover the seams.

You can use the stones to create butterflies, palm trees, suns, candy canes - wherever your imagination takes you! Or you might want to use them simply as accents or as borders. Buttons make great borders on Christmas stockings, also.

You and the kids can use the paints to create pictures, geometric designs, patterns, polkadots, or outlines. Use the stones and buttons to spice up your drawings. For example, you might want to draw a gingerbread man and use small black buttons for eyes and green and red stones for the "gumdrop buttons" down his chest.

Also, it's easy to cut simple shapes from the felt squares. For example, you might want to cut out some green holly leaves and use red stones for berries. Or how about a simple snowman from white felt? You can add buttons for eyes. Use your imagination! This should be a fun Christmas craft for kids! And it shouldn't be stressful for the adults, either.

Once the Christmas stocking is decorated, place it in a dry place for 24 hours to "cure."

Personalized Christmas stockings

Instead of adorning the stockings, some kids might prefer simple personalized Christmas stockings. Personalized Christmas stockings are super easy to make. Again, I've felt that a felt Christmas stocking works best for this Christmas craft.

Use a fabric paint pen to do the writing. Personally, I like to use a gold glitter paint pen. Place a piece of waxed paper inside the Christmas stocking so the glue won't bleed. Then write the child's name. If he's old enough to do the job himself, that would be even better and more meaningful for him. As with the above Christmas craft, the personalized Christmas stockings need to dry overnight.

Why crafts for kids?

As a retired teacher and a creative person, I think there's a lot of value in crafts for kids. Easy crafts provide the chance for kids to use their imaginations. They get to create and express themselves. They get to explore the world of art. Easy crafts also give kids a sense of accomplishment. They can proudly share their Christmas craft with friends and family by hanging it for all to see.

The Christmas stocking is a great craft for kids. Not only will it be fun to make, it will also be a wonderful family time. And in years to come, you'll treasure that simple Christmas stocking more than you would the most ornate Christmas stockings available!

Christmas stockings make great Christmas crafts!
Christmas stockings make great Christmas crafts!
It's easy to make personalized Christmas stockings.
It's easy to make personalized Christmas stockings.


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