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The Winter Cold Brings Out Crazy People

Updated on January 23, 2018

This has really been one crazy Winter so far this year. It first started off with really mild warm temperatures, and then just before Christmas it started to snow. Then it warmed up again, and after an Arctic blast from way up North brought more snow. The snow cleaning techniques of some idiots during these Winter snow storms is beyond belief. I have seen one nut job trying to clear snow with a leaf rake, and another nut case trying to clear snow by shooting water on it with a water hose. What is wrong with these people. Now if that isn't something then you will love these Santa stories. Here's a bunch of crazy Santa Claus sightings where they all are behaving badly.

Santa Claus for some strange reason has over time forgotten all about how to behave over the years. Here are some good examples of Santa Claus and his weird and strange behavior that has been witnessed. There is a Santa Claus who just can't stop talking on his cell phone to save his life, even when there is a kid on his lap. There is another Santa Claus who doesn't wear his iconic red cap, but will stand up for a picture of himself. We figure that particular Santa Claus either lost his red hat somewhere or forgot his hat all together at home. There is also a Santa who's too busy jotting down numbers with his number two pencil on his Sudoku puzzles to be bothered with taking a picture. Now that's really one smart Santa Claus. There are also plenty of Santa Claus' who have been seen coming out of bars in the day time. It looks like Billy Bob Thornton wasn't the only bad Santa caught doing this sort of thing. The really sad part about these Santa Claus stories is that I actually saw these Santa Claus' all myself just this past Christmas.

Have you ever encountered a Santa Claus like this?

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