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Crazy on Mother's Day

Updated on May 12, 2009

ONE Mother's Day

Mother’s Day…indeed, it is ONE mother’s day—different mothers, different days in different places with different expectations and different realities. Each to her own!

The commercialization of this day blurs the true meaning and understanding of what makes a mother’s appreciation in its purest form. What’s a child got to do on this special day to make it special for a mother he or she had never shown any respect 364 days in a year? What’s a husband got to do to show he values this woman who’s the mother of his child or 17 children when he has three other women waiting for the same celebration of their womanhood? Now what? Do I sound like one lunatic mom, or just someone trying to push myself to meet the challenge of 100 hubs in 30 days? It's 11:15 p.m. and I'm barely starting to figure out again how to use this hub.

My Mother's day spent at the emergency room is my husband's way of giving me one precious gem, his kidney stone. Leave it to him to have a reason not to set foot on a store, such creative flair! This was one crazy Mother's day, and to find 100 hubs challenge is even crazier to consider. However, reading one wonderful story about the selfless mothers prompted me to give it a try writing again...regardless of how lazy or tired I am. This would be my gift to myself on this Mother's Day.

Simply My Mother

Remembering my mother as much as she is in my heart!
Remembering my mother as much as she is in my heart!

Real Mothers

These moms’ Mothers’ Day top it all; “these moms know true love” as Sandy Banks of LA Times wrote in her Saturday column, May 9, 2009. Deedra Williams didn’t need ‘breakfast in bed’ or a ‘spa massage’…no diamonds? She simply appreciated—along with 15 other mothers of children with disabilities—the gift of a quiet weekend at the Montecito retreat, where the simplicity of a hike on ‘eucalyptus-shaded hills’, the ordinariness of listening to music, and the genuineness of ‘making collages with pictures cut from magazines’ obliterated all the traces of sadness.

How many times do we wish to have the perfection in our lives? We can only imagine what Sandy observed and heard from these exceptionally selfless mothers who shared their moment-to-moment challenges in this secluded paradise. This is one speck in time they can relate to each other, having lived similar feelings of isolation in their daily battle to go past beyond boundaries. No one dared to fix what seemed wrong in their lives. Remember…they are mothers of children with brain damage, hearing loss, blindness, inherited disorders, and many others that most of us could never ever profess to comprehend in our lifetime. These heroic mothers could only dream their child would one day walk, talk, smile, or even show sign of recognition of their love. It scares me to think that they are luckier than me, but they must experience the greatest love and sacrifice a mother could give a child in direst need of care and attention--the real mothers of the world!



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