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Create Christmas Baskets With Evergreen Boughs

Updated on November 9, 2014

Christmas Tree Boughs make beautiful and fragrant tabletop decorations. Add Pinecones, Ornaments, Holly Berries, Cinnamon Sticks, Potpourri or anything shiny and festive you find at a craft store to create an awesome Christmas Centerpiece! Making your own centerpiece is not only fun but it's much less expensive than buying one at the store or having one made for you. You can add your personal touch and co-ordinate it's appearance with your table settings and other Holiday decorations.

Raffia Ribbon
Raffia Ribbon | Source
Pinecones | Source
Holly Leaves and Berries, Bells and Cinnamon Sticks are Just a Few of the Things You Can Use to Decorate Your Basket
Holly Leaves and Berries, Bells and Cinnamon Sticks are Just a Few of the Things You Can Use to Decorate Your Basket | Source
There are So Many Pretty Christmas Ribbons!
There are So Many Pretty Christmas Ribbons! | Source

Christmas Tree Boughs

Christmas Tree Boughs are easy to find. I buy a live tree every year at a lot called Rosko's. Once you pick out your tree they trim off the bottom of the trunk and any branches that will make it difficult to place in the tree stand. At Rosko's they put the branches in a pile in front of their stand and they are free for the asking!

Once I get the branches home I keep them in the garage. It is cool and dry and they maintain their freshness longer.

There are so many different kinds of Christmas Trees! Not all of them are great for hanging ornaments on but any one of the variety of boughs makes a great centerpiece.


You can fill any basket with Christmas Tree Boughs!

I have received many Baskets in all shapes and sizes over the years.

If the basket is deep I place plastic shopping bags in the bottom and lay the branches on top. I then tuck some smaller branches along the sides.

Place Plastic Bags in the Bottom of a Deeper Basket
Place Plastic Bags in the Bottom of a Deeper Basket | Source

Candle Precautions

I know it is risky to place a candle in a basket with live boughs!

  • Use a Votive Candle in a deep container. The flame will not rise above the edge of the candle holder.
  • A Tea Candle in a decorative candle holder is a pretty accent
  • Make sure the Boughs and the Ribbon are well away from the opening to the candle holder and make sure you don't leave the basket unattended when the candle is lit.
  • A String of Battery operated Christmas Lights or a Flameless Candle would be a better alternative...and I have used both. I just love Candles! They look nice whether or not they are lit.


Let's Decorate a Basket

  • For this Basket I first placed some larger branches on the bottom
  • Place Pinecones of different sizes among the branches
  • Trim smaller branches off the boughs and tuck them in around the Pinecones
  • Tuck Holly Leaves and/or Holly Berries in the branches
  • Christmas Potpourri scattered around the branches adds a lovely scent
  • Choose a decorative Ribbon, make a bow and place it among the branches
  • When using a large, relatively flat basket, I leave a space for a candle holder at one end

Place Larger Branches on the Bottom of the Basket
Place Larger Branches on the Bottom of the Basket | Source
Place Pinecones Among the Branches and Tuck in smaller Branches
Place Pinecones Among the Branches and Tuck in smaller Branches | Source
Decorate with a Bow
Decorate with a Bow | Source

The Boughs get dry and very sharp within two weeks of being brought in the house and being placed in a basket.Because I like to decorate the day after Thanksgiving I usually have to replace the boughs once or twice before the New Year arrives.


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    • pedrn44 profile image

      pedrn44 5 years ago from New Berlin Wisconsin

      Hi tillsontitan,Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment:)Unfortunately the branches don't stay soft once they are in the house but it's not difficult to replace them and it really freshens up the basket!

      Hi masmasika, it is fun to make Christmas baskets and other decorations. Thanks for the compliment and the up vote:)

      Hi JimmieWriter, thanks for the nice comment. I'll bet your Nativity looks beautiful. For my small nativity I use cut up Raffia and place it on the floor to resemble hay. It's fun to get those creative juices flowing:)

    • JimmieWriter profile image

      Jimmie Lanley 5 years ago from Memphis, TN USA

      Love the photos that clearly show how this is done. What a frugal and natural decoration. And it smells good too! I admit I cut some holly from the bushes to adorn my nativity. So pretty. And FREE!

    • profile image

      masmasika 5 years ago

      Well written and presented in detail. I love making my own basket during Christmas. Thanks for sharing. voted up

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 5 years ago from New York

      Nicely done. Good information on the longevity of the branches as well.