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Creative Easter Bonnet Ideas for Children and Adults

Updated on October 30, 2014

What is an Easter Bonnet?

To those who are unaware of this custom, an Easter bonnet is a unique new hat worn at Easter. This unique hat is decorated with a variety of easter themes, such as eggs and fake grass.

The Easter bonnet tradition started when a fad became wearing new Easter clothes to church. These hats became a way of saying that you were ready for spring and the new year to begin. The idea was that the spring was full of new hope and life, and Easter bonnets helped emphasize that. The great thing about modern Easter bonnets is that they can be created for children or for adults. They can be extremely simply or somewhat complex. These hats can be created with materials found around the home, or can be purchased from fancy boutique stores. Here are several ideas to help get started on your Easter bonnet.

Photo taken by: Lars Plougmann
Photo taken by: Lars Plougmann | Source

Kids Easter Bonnets

Kids are always excited for Easter. The holiday includes chocolates, games, and fun activities. One of these fun activities includes building a special Easter hat. Here are the two examples of types of Easter hats a kid can create.

Paper Plate Easter Bonnet with Edible Chocolates. By using and taping/glowing paper together, a hat can quickly be created. Stringing chocolates on the hat is one idea to make the hat stand out. Another is to build paper flowers that can be glued to the outside of the hat. Many craft stores will have all sorts of things to add to these hats. The sky is the limit.

Make an easter egg nest. Building a small next in the hat is also a fantastic idea. This allows a kid to put fake grass and chocolates in the nest. Paper chickens and rabbits can be taped to the side of the hat to show where the chocolate eggs came from. This is a very fun type of hat to build, though be careful on the weight. The hat is pointless if it can’t be worn or falls apart right when it is put on.

Photo taken by: Guru Sno Studios
Photo taken by: Guru Sno Studios | Source

Adult Easter Bonnets

Kids are not the only ones who get excited for Easter. However, while a child may be excited for the treats, an adult may be excited to show off their fashionable side. Women have shown off their special Easter hats, matched perfectly with dress, for many centuries. Here are several ways these women have drawn extra attention.

Using Real Flowers. No longer will paper flowers work, only real live flowers will do. Green leaves can be added to the side of the flowers, so long as it is tasteful. The trick with coordinating the flower on a Easter bonnet is making sure that the flower seems naturally in place. The design should not look like a quick pluck and place was done.

Using Ribbons and Bows. Ribbons and bows are an excellent way to show off contrasting colors in an Easter bonnet. The idea that many women have done is to match parts of their bonnet with parts of their dress. For example, the ribbon on the hat matches the sash around their waist. Small fake butterflies and birds CAN be used, but be careful! These may appear tacky. When in doubt, less is more. Quick bright color speaks more than a bunch of tacky stuff glued together.

Finding something new to wear on Easter has been a challenge for women for centuries. Easter bonnets are part of the fun of creating a look that is uniquely Easter. Nothing says ready for fun and spring, like a bright dress and Easter bonnet.


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