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Creative Gift Ideas For Mom On Mother's Day

Updated on April 27, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's day is a special day for all mom's. It's a day that they really deserve. Of course, you love your mother and you want to do something special for her, but you need a little help.

That's where I come in. 

Here's some ideas for creative mother's day gifts.


You can have custom shirts made with a picture and a message on it for mom. Put a picture of yourself, her family, kids, pets, or whatever she's into.

You may also want to include a "happy mother's day message."

Note that you can also have the same thing done with pants or a hat or shoes!


Maybe your mom would enjoy a day out at the spa. 

You can pickup gift cards at your local spa resort.

It's not all that creative, but better than some of the more "traditional" gifts.

You can also see about getting her a gift card to a nail or beauty salon, she might enjoy that more.


Here's a gift to give your mom at the end of the day...

Record nearly the entire day on tape or DVD and give it to your mother. This way she will have the memory for the rest of her life.


Have a special movie made that includes clips of you(and any siblings) as children growing up and end the video with something like this; "thanks for being our mom! we wouldn't be here without you."


Another not so unique gift....

Have flowers sent to her home along with a mother's day card. Don't just pickup flowers at the store and hand deliver them, it seems more thoughtful if they are delivered!

It's not that special, but again better than many other ideas!

Engraved Jewelry

Don't just buy a piece of jewelry... have it engraved!

It does not have to be an expensive piece. Any engraved piece of jewelry will be special to your mother!


Here's something you may have never thought of...

Take an ad out in the local newspaper to tell everyone how special your mom is. Just be sure she gets the paper that morning.

Custom Coffee Mug

Have a custom coffee mug made with a special mother's day message in or on it. Include her actual name so she knows it was made just for her.

You can even have a special picture put on the mug!


Buy or make a custom "I love you mom" mother's day pillow or pillow case!

It's pretty simple and a very thoughtful gift.

IOU Cards

I owe you cards are a gift that will continue even past mother's day!

Make special IOU cards with some of the following;

I owe you:

A back rub
A foot massage
A neck rub
A movie
A day off

And make some of your own as well.


A custom license plate/tag is a nice gift for mom. 

"world's best mom" isn't too creative, but try something like; "mom>dad" or "my kid loves me"


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      Neil 6 years ago

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