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11 Creative Gifts For Mothers

Updated on June 15, 2015

Creative Gifts For Mothers

Every year, florists and stationary stores tally up record sales on Mother's Day. Restaurant owners plan for their specials, and have their tables filled. Sure, flowers and dinner out, are very nice ideas, and will always be appreciated.

This year, though, why not try something a little different, and use your creativity to demonstrate your love for your mother. Here are eleven creative ideas for gift-giving on Mother's Day. Impress the most important woman in your life with your ingenuity and thoughtfulness. You know she'll love you, anyway, but why not put out some extra effort?

Here are some unique gifts for your Mother to consider, whether for Mother's Day, her birthday, or just because.

1. Acknowledge Her Good Taste

Hey, your Mom's a woman, not just a mom! And chances are, she sacrificed quite a bit, just to get you out the door at twenty years old. Show your Mom she's still a woman to you, by indulging her feminine side.

Gift Idea: Acknowledge her good taste

Mother's Day Gift Idea: Acknowledge her good taste.
Mother's Day Gift Idea: Acknowledge her good taste. | Source

Buy her some pillows for her bed, or a gorgeous table sculpture: something she doesn't need, but would love to have! If you're not sure of her taste, and aren't quite confident to choose the right item, go with a gift certificate from Pottery Barn, or Rafters. But just make it somewhere she can indulge. HINT: Not Wal-mart. (It would be too tempting to enter Wal-mart, and simply purchase something practical. This is about pleasure and obtaining eye candy!)

Gift Idea: Fashion

Mother's Day Gift Idea: Fashion.
Mother's Day Gift Idea: Fashion.

2. Fashion

Another way of giving heed to your mother's good taste is to give her a gift of fashion. Just like home decor, mothers often forget to spend on themselves, for something they would really like to wear. So, get her that leather purse she feels she can't afford. Or perhaps a scarf is more her thing. Give your mother a little "something" she might not get for herself. To add bonding to the experience, take her out to the shops and get her talking about what she likes. If you look at something together that she likes, but isn't going to buy, buy it for her, and say "Happy Mother's Day."

Gift Idea: Scrapbooking Kit

Mother's Day Gift Idea: The gift of scrapbooking.
Mother's Day Gift Idea: The gift of scrapbooking. | Source
Westrim 12 Inch X12 Inch All Occasion Boxed Album Kit
Westrim 12 Inch X12 Inch All Occasion Boxed Album Kit
Set up your Mom for scrapbooking with one set that incorporates everything you need. Great way to get started!

3. Scrapbook and Supplies

Another Mother's Day gift idea is to buy your Mom an a scrapbook, scrap booking supplies, and a commitment to spend time with her putting together some family books. How good is that? Your family history is preserved for another generation, and you get to ask your Mom about her memories. Questions like, "What was I like as a baby?" Or "Why did Uncle Ross only visit once a year." Being creative together is an excellent way to bond, and become closer. You don't need to finish quickly: keep going as long as you want. This is a gift that will last for years to come, and can be a way of recording the stories and images of your family.

Gift Idea: Journal

Mother's Day Gift Idea: beautiful journal
Mother's Day Gift Idea: beautiful journal | Source

4. A Beautiful Journal

Obtain a beautiful new journal for your Mom. There's nothing like a new pretty book to motivate a person to start some journalling. Journals can also be used for to-do lists, or jot notes, or recording dreams.

Journals can also be used to record prayer times, worship meditations and Scripture readings. Another journal idea is to take the first couple of pages, and record some journal ideas for your Mom: questions like, "Who was your best friend in grade three, and how did you meet?" or "If you could take a month-long trip, where would you go, and why." Then, follow up, and ask to look at her answers.

Gift Idea: An Afternoon at the Coffee Shop

Mother's Day Gift Idea: An Afternoon at the coffee shop.
Mother's Day Gift Idea: An Afternoon at the coffee shop.

5. An Afternoon Off

A wonderful Mother's Day gift idea is to give your Mom "An Afternoon Off." How do you do that? Here's the package: a novel you know she would like, with a signed message from you, a beautiful bookmark, and a gift certificate to Starbucks, or her nearest neighbourhood coffee shop. Make it one where she can go, and sit and read for a couple of hours.

She might NEVER do this on her own, but if you've given her a gift: she will probably feel obligate to use it! Crafty, eh?

Lawn Ornaments

Mother's Day Gift Idea: A Lawn Ornament
Mother's Day Gift Idea: A Lawn Ornament | Source

6. A Lawn Ornament

If your Mom is always outside with a garden, why not give something gorgeous to enhance all of her hard work. To get a good idea of what she might want, spend some time with her while she's mucking around, and ask her what her plans and dreams are for the outdoor space.

There are so many beautiful items out there, and you know your Mom pretty well. If you're not sure, of course, you can always give her the good old gift certificate to a lawn and garden supply store, and ask her to pick out something she would like.

Gift Ideas: Craft Supplies

Mother's Day Gift Idea: Crafting Supplies
Mother's Day Gift Idea: Crafting Supplies | Source

7. Some Knitting Supplies

Some women, a bit more in the the older generation, are into the knitting and sewing and macrame arts. They are always having to buy new material, new supplies and it does add up. A thoughtful Mother's Day gift idea for the sewing types would be something to help them feed their habit. For example, you might want to go with a brand new knitting bag to carry around projects from place to place. Or perhaps a 10-pack of commonly used thread for the sewer.

If you're not sure what to buy, you could have a chat with the sales clerk at a fabric store, for advice. This could be a bit tricky, though, if you don't know the craft that she is into. A gift certificate would be something I am sure she would appreciate, and will probably get her dreaming up a new creative project she can make with these supplies.

8. Home Made Dinner

How many times did your Mother make dinner for you? And lunch? And breakfast? And snacks? Okay, you get the idea! Too many times to count, most likely. So, why not switch it up a bit and invite her over for dinner. Sure, you can take her to a restaurant, which is commonly done. However, a home-cooked meal will tell her that you were willing to do a lot of work for her, and as a Mom, she knows what that means. She did it for you thousands of times.

Oh, and more thing: she's not allowed to do the dishes, no matter how much she insists!

9. Movie NIght

Give your Mom the gift of a movie night. When was the last time she went and enjoyed a good movie, with her husband, or friends? Maybe she never takes the time to just sit down and watch a movie. Well, give her the gift certificate, so she can go guilt-free. She might choose to take her man, and have date night. Or perhaps she will decide to spend the evening with a friend, and just have a girls night.

10. A Poem

If you fancy yourself a bit of writer, why not write a poem for your Mom. This is one-of-a-kind gift that she will treasure. Use your presentation skills to make it look pretty. Type it out on some customized printer paper, with a special font. Or incorporate the poem into a hand-written card. Tell your Mom how much she means to you. What is special about her. Why you love her.


11. Groceries for the Week

The last idea is quite unique, and something I think many Moms would appreciate. Buy your Mom a supply of groceries for the week. It might sound strange, but hear me out.

Buying groceries is something she never gets a break from. It always needs to be done, and it's a lot of work. Why not buy her groceries for the week? Go out and spend a couple of hundred dollars, or whatever you think you would need. Take the time to scout out the house, and see what she needs. Get enough so they have food for seven days of eating. Buy choices they like, and maybe even some things they usually don't get. You've saved her the hassle, and now she has a couple extra hundred bucks to spend however she wants.

This is an act of love. And it might be some repayment, too. Did your Mom ever buy you some groceries, when you were on your own working or in college? Think about that one!

I wish you all a Happy Mother's Day

I wish you all a Happy Mother's Day this year. This year, Mother's Day is Sunday, May 13th, 2012. I hope this might have helped you to think of a new, creative Mother's Day gift idea. And whatever the gift, however you celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful time.


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