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Creative Halloween Party Invitation Ideas

Updated on November 10, 2013

Halloween 2013

As we know, Halloween is just around the corner and if you are planning to throw a wonderful party at home, you might need some creative last minute invites. Isn’t it?

So, today’s tut brings in the most innovative and quickest tips to help you design extremely compelling cards for your guests. The tips are not only creative and mind blowing, but they also help you make last minute cards within your prescribed budget. If you are good at sketching, you can simply draw the creatures and send handmade halloween invites to your friends and neighbors. You can also make the halloween invitation wording creative and humorous. Otherwise, you can make a print out of the images you want to do some creativity with.

So, let’s figure out some amazing invitation ideas for the upcoming Halloween bash.

Owl Halloween Invitations

This Halloween, make your guests more excited and amazed with an ominous wide eyed owl. All you need for owl halloween invites are mentioned below:

  • Black card paper
  • Orange card paper
  • Scissor
  • Black marker
  • A-6 size paper (orange, red or black as per your choice)


  1. The simplest way is to create owl invites is to make larger print outs of owls and you can place a piece of paper on the picture, carrying details of your party.
  2. Another way is more creative and appealing, but it requires some efforts. If you are good at sketching, draw and cut out around 3-4 owls on a single black card sheet.
  3. After having cut outs, take orange paper or card sheet and cut several circles out of it. Make sure the circles you make are of equal sizes.
  4. Now, place those cut-outs to form the wide eyes of your menacing owls and outline your creatures with glitter markers.
  5. You can purchase orange or red envelopes available in the market; else you can cut out from A-6 paper.
  6. Now make oval cut outs from the orange or red papers and write invitations on them and stick them at the center of your creature.
  7. Wrap up in the envelope and your easy-to-make owl invites are ready to thrill your guests.


Perfect Pullout Invites

This is the high time to invite your friends and relatives to join in hauntingly amazing time by sending enchanting and attention-grabbing cards. On this perfect pullout design, you can write your message in a creepy hand-writing along with enticing effect and lots of creativity on your Halloween invitations. Here are some easiest steps to prepare this card:


  1. Cut a large piece of paper (any color) around 5 x 9 inches.
  2. Now score and fold the paper about 4 and ½ inches, so that the half of the piece is adhered to the front side of the card to design a pocket.
  3. Now take a punch machine and punch half of the circle at the top of the pocket.
  4. Make sure your punch should measure around ¼ inches.
  5. Now stick the inside bottom edge of the white paper to secure the pullout.
  6. You can design this pullout stuff out of white cardstock.
  7. Now punch around 1-8 inch circle at the top of the white card stock and tie a ribbon.
  8. Now design various wicked icons to place them on your card, write your message and you are ready to go.

Pumpkin Top Invitations

In this type of invitation card, a big pumpkin will bear the greetings outside the envelope. Your visitors will pull up the pumpkin to read further details of your party.

The material you would require to design these compelling pumpkin invites is mentioned below:

  • Craft knife
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Print outs of pumpkin templates
  • Heavy weight paper (matte)


  1. In order to design these cards, you need to have a bunch of green or purple envelopes (medium sized).
  2. Now place your top and bottom pumpkin templates over the front side of envelope, so it can be easily opened.
  3. Once you're done with pasting, write any greeting, like “let’s celebrate”, or “welcome to the wickedly good time” or anything you want.
  4. Take a small piece of paper and write further details in a scary handwriting.
  5. This is the easiest and fastest way to prepare last minute Halloween invites.

Jack-O-Lantern Invitation Tutorial


Haunted Mansion Blast

This haunted mansion card is really easy to design. Let’s read on to know the requirements for this card.

  • An orange card stock
  • A black cut marker
  • Two pointed white buttons


All you need to do here is to make a card out of your orange card stock and write “Happy Halloween” and other greetings at the front side of the card. Now write ‘BOO’, each letter with large size and poke two same sized holes inside the card, so when you card is folded they lie exactly over the two big Os of the word ‘BOO’. Now, write the details of your party in the center of the card and keep your cover as simple as you can. After doing so, paste the two buttons on the inside ‘Os’ of the card, so they are clearly visible from outside. Your card will look deadly awesome!

What are you waiting for? Invite your friends and relatives to your Halloween bash with these spectacular and playful invites. Have a great Halloween this October!

Coffin Invitation Tutorial


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