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Creative And Thoughtful Housewarming Gift Ideas

Updated on January 9, 2018
Carol Morris profile image

A creative at heart, Carol enjoys finding new ways to make the gift giving experience more unique and exciting both for giver and receiver.

Housewarming Gifts That Show You Care

Last week, over lunch with a group of friends, I brought up a subject that had been bothering me. I told my friends that I’d been invited to a housewarming party, and didn’t know what gift to get for the hosts. I had a feeling that my good friends would help me out of my grave predicament by the end of lunch.

Tracy, a good friend, who had married into a huge family, and is the group's resident "gift dilemma specialist", (she seems to be invited to at least one event a week, all of them requiring a gift, and re-gifting in her family is not an option), asked, "whose party is it? I need the details. Like, how well do you know them? Where did they move to and do you know what their new house looks like? What sort of things do they like? You get the idea, right? We want to get them a fun gift, don't we?"

"Talking of fun housewarming gifts," said Pam, a creative-type, "I have the perfect idea; but of course, it really depends on the recipient. This is something I gave my aunt when she moved into her new home a while ago, and she loved it!"

My curiosity was tweaked; Pam's gifts were always very interesting.

"Well," she went on, "her 'new' home wasn't really new, it was an old house that they had fixed up, but when it was time to move in she felt like she could still feel the old energy in the house. She told me this when she called to invite me to the party and I knew exactly what to get her. I spoke to a friend of mine who works with energy healing and asked her to come and cleanse the energy in my aunt's home. I gave my aunt a gift card for the cleansing ceremony and she called my friend the very next day. I was also invited to the ceremony a few days after that, it was something new to me, and it was interesting, I really enjoyed it. Do you think they would like that? If you prefer, you could also make up a 'home cleansing kit' for them, with some incense, crystals, salts, and whatever else you want to add, if they're that way inclined."


"That is a fun idea," said Paula, "and a spinoff of that might be to get them a gift card to a nearby spa - who doesn't need a massage after moving house? I remember after our last move I would have killed for a massage."

"And all I was going to suggest was that you make them a kit for their new home or garden. That's also a fun gift, but I think I’d prefer a day at the spa. But, if you want to go with a tangible gift, I suggest making them up a kit – there are so many things you need for a new home, especially just after a move. You could make up a gardening kit, if they have a garden, with gardening tools and some seeds, or a "basics basket", a basket with all the boring things that are so essential when you're just moving in, you know, the stuff you can never find – colorful rags for cleaning, batteries, nails and a hammer. Or you could make up a food basket, most people are too busy to cook, or even shop, those first few days after moving into a new home," said Tracy.

The conversation moved on and I had my answer. I knew I could count on my friends to help me out with my gift dilemma; and I knew that I wouldn't have come up with an idea for such a good, and fun, housewarming gift without their help. Seriously, what could someone who has just moved house use more than a good massage?



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