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Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Your Sweetheart

Updated on October 10, 2016
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Sadie Holloway is a workshop facilitator who teaches interpersonal communication skills to help people strengthen their relationships.

Want to give the love of your life a one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day experience? Learn about the many creative things you can do to celebrate this special day with your honey!

The easiest way to add a bit of creative energy to your Valentine’s Day is to do something unexpected! Instead of giving the object of your affection the same old fancy dinner and traditional bouquet of a dozen red roses, add an element of surprise to your Valentine’s Day activities. Creative things to do aren’t hard to come up with if you’re open to using your imagination!

Remember, being creative on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that your idea has to be 100% one-of-a kind! It just needs to be something that you and your sweetheart wouldn’t normally do every day. In other words, if it’s new to the both of you, then it will feel unique and original!

These Valentine’s Day planning tips cover everything from creating a romantic dinner experience for your lover to decorating your home in fun and inventive way in honor of St. Valentine. Try a few, try them all!

Flower shops are usually packed with people paying too much for last minute Valentine's Day flowers. Get ahead of the game with these sweet ways to spend Valentine's Day with the one you love!
Flower shops are usually packed with people paying too much for last minute Valentine's Day flowers. Get ahead of the game with these sweet ways to spend Valentine's Day with the one you love!

Learning a new skill together is something that many relationship and marriage experts recommend to keep your love bonds strong and healthy! Here are some fun and romantic classes that you and your sweetheart can take together:

  • Yoga
  • Tae Kwan Do
  • Massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Gourmet cooking
  • Art History
  • Music appreciation
  • Travel and vacation planning
  • Financial planning

Tell your sweetie you love “olive” him! Buy a jar of gourmet stuffed cocktail olives and tie a red ribbon around it with a note that says “Olive you!”

Create a one-of-a-kind love map. Using any number of online infographic design tools and create a map of your love. Your infographic could follow a timeline of how the two of you met, a cute treasure map, a sexy game to play or a history of your relationship

Make a candy bouquet for your spouse on Valentine’s Day. Take a long bamboo skewer and push soft red, pink, and white candies onto the top third of the skewer. Gumdrops, caramel cubes, marshmallows, and soft taffy candy are just a few of the sweets you can use. Red grapes and strawberries are yummy, too. Just make sure the fruit isn’t too wet and drippy, otherwise the candies will melt and get sticky. Edible flowers add a nice fragrant touch.

Make a dozen or so skewers and place them in a ceramic vase. For added stability and to make it easier to arrange the skewers, cut an apple in half and place in to bottom of the vase, flat side down. Carefully push the skewers into the apple. (Caution: Make sure that the pointy end of each skewer is adequately covered with food to avoid accidental jabs and pokes. To safely eat the bouquet, carefully remove the food items from the skewer with your hands, not your mouth.)

Sweet surprises are always nice on Valentine’s Day. Hide small gifts such as a piece of boxed jewelry, movie tickets in a glassine envelope, or a trinket that represents a special moment for the two of you, in places your partner will likely find them on Valentine's Day morning. Wrap the gifts in paper and put them in dry goods such as cereal, cookies, or even the coffee jar. Make sure that the gift is wrapped in brightly colored paper so that it will be easily spotted when it tumbles out. You don’t want your partner to accidentally eat the romantic Valentine’s Day present!

Show your Valentine what a winner she is! Give the one you love a ribbon, homemade trophy, or framed certificate naming him or her as the “World’s Best Kisser!” or the "Champion of Giving Amazing of Back Rubs" or "First Place Winner for Best in …?" (Use your own imagination!) Certificates can be customized and printed from your desktop printer. To make award ribbons, use metallic paint markers on a wide strip of craft ribbon and put a novelty button at the top so that the award can be pinned on the deserving winner! To make a trophy, paint a small plastic toy figure in gold or silver and then glue it onto a small wooden block.

Let him love the skin you're in. Somewhere on your body, in a discrete, private place, put a temporary tattoo of a symbol or message that means something special to the two of you. Then, invite him to find the tattoo and see if he can decode the romantic message.

Make a piñata and fill it with tiny treasures and sweets. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to make a traditional piñata. Take an empty cereal box and decorate it with red and pink craft paint and tissue paper. Cover it with hearts or lipstick kisses or any other cute motifs you can think of for Valentine’s Day. Once your piñata is finished, fill it with treats, sweets, and fun romantic toys and then seal the top shut with glue or tape. Affix a ribbon or string to the box and hang it up from the ceiling or on a tree outside. Then have fun watching your partner try to break it open with a wooden spoon or broom handle.

Make Valentine’s Day crackers. Use the leftover cardboard tubes from bathroom tissue and paper towel rolls. Tie curling ribbon to small gifts and place them inside the tube. Cut a small hole into a circle of tissue paper and thread the ribbons through the hole. Glue a circle of paper onto each end of the roll. Decorate the tubes using craft paint, stickers, and markers. To pop the crackers, pull firmly on the ribbons so that the prize bursts through the tissue paper.

Take a chocolate-making class together! Chocolate and Valentine's day go hand in hand, just like the two of you go hand in hand. Instead of buying a box of chocolates for your sweetheart this year, go to a workshop on how to make chocolate bon-bons, sweets, desserts, and other decadent confections. This Valentine's date idea is not only creative, it's sweet and tasty.

If you can't find a chocolate-making class on or around Valentine's Day, you could attend a wine tasting seminar. Painting pottery together at a ceramic studio is another way the two of you can creating a lasting souvenir of your special Valentine's Day together!

According to a 2013 report on CNN, $1.6 billion is spent nationally on Valentine's Day candy.
According to a 2013 report on CNN, $1.6 billion is spent nationally on Valentine's Day candy.

What do you think of these creative ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day? Do you have any of your own to add? Please share in the comments!

© 2014 Sadie Holloway


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