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Creative ways to use Peeps

Updated on March 30, 2015

Peep a beautiful dress

Here is a festive dress for Easter. It is definitely creative, very festive and affordable.

Where can I buy these Peeps?

CVS stores have a variety of Peeps. They have orange cream flavored. The twelve count is $1.99

Walmart has a wide variety of flavors, from blue raspberry to sour watermelon. The price is right for $1.00 for a twelve count.

Target, I found had the most variety of flavors. Also, for you chocolate lovers, they have Peeps dipped in CHOCOLATE!! Ok, Target wins!!!!

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Bunny Peeps Racing Cars

These adorable little cars are so easy to assemble.

First, you will need the following items:

1. Twinkies

2. Oreos

3. Sprinkles or anything else you may have.

4. Frosting

5. Tin pan or festive plate

Its pretty self explanatory by viewing the picture. just put down the twinkes in your pan, add your oreos as tires,cut a slot into the twinkie and insert your bunny. You can use pre-made white frosting ( as your glue) to help keep them together. The kids will love to make these and eat them as well!

I will not list the calories, they do not count on Holidays. Heeheee

Make an easy peep cake

Just use your favorite cake recipe and frost your cake. Then for the finishing touches place the bunny peeps around the side of cake. Adorable!

Sunflower cake

Bake a round cake, frost with chocolate icing. Apply yellow peeps around the edge and you have an amazing Sunflower cake.

The Peeps Company is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and made by a company names

Just Born. In the 1920s, the company's founder Sam Born would advertise his little yellow peeps with a sigh that said, "Just Born", hense this is the way this family-run company named itself.

Go get your Peeps and so something amazing!

Not another peep about Peeps!

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