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Creepy Audio Stories For Adults

Updated on October 24, 2018
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Born and raised in Chicagoland, Jennifer Branton still loves her hometown even as more of the places she spent her childhood change or close

As The Darkness Comes

I am no wuss when it comes to horror.

The only thing good that I inherited from my mother was a strong backbone when it comes to the paranormal. I remember sitting in the living room as a child, playing on the floor with toys or a stack of books and my mother watching The Exorcist, The Shining, and Nightmare on Elm Street in front of my impressionable little brain.

"It's all pretend," she would say. "It's just actors wearing costumes, nothing to be afraid of."

As I got older, these characters became as beloved as Mickey Mouse, and Disney Princesses from my cartoon shows. I was never afraid and one of the few kids at sleepovers that would make it through a slasher flick.

Even as I write this, I am wearing a Five Nights At Freddy's t-shirt.

As an adult though I have found my nemesis when it comes to horror.

I watch her movies, I read every horror novel that falls into my hot little hands to review, I play every survival horror video game; what I can't sit through is audio stories about such topics.

My husband is a huge fan of Creepypasta, Chilling Tales For Dark Nights, and all the other YouTube and podcasts that read horror fiction. It doesn't bother him a lick as he has it playing while at work, or in the car, or when he's playing video games. The man can even have an audio book about horror playing while he's falling asleep at night.

Maybe it's the hearing the dialogue performed in a voice other than my own like when I am reading. I don't really know the reason- but as much as I get engaged in these readings of these stories, I freak myself out every time and there are few that I make it all the way through if you check my YouTube history.

As someone that was always looking for a scare and never finding it in the remedial types of horror handed to me my whole life, this is something that truly freezes the blood in my veins.

I love for once that I am actually scared.

Perhaps its from hearing the story narrated in a voice that is not my own, that these stories are spookier than reading the words off of a page.

Teenie Tiny

While many of the stories contain that of monsters and beasts, one of the stories I have made it through twice now is Teenie Tiny, an unsettling tale that is a psychological story that will mess with your mind.

What makes it creepy is not a scary dream, it is the irrational fear that becomes a mental illness and the extremes the young girl goes to that is so real that anyone like myself that has had an eating disorder, or known anyone struggling with mental illness can see the downward spiral of the character.

The girl remembers being small and a phrase that her mother had often said that gets stuck into her head. "She is Mother's Teenie Tiny Girl."

The girl remembers as she grows older that her mother was visibly upset when she hit her growth spurt and began to physically grow and change, gaining some weight as she moved towards her teen years. Feeling that she was losing the love of her mother, the girl took to bulimia but that was not enough to get back the physical attributions that her mother seem to admire most so she took to poisoning herself and giving herself various cancers from the toxins she was ingesting. Only the girl is not ashamed of her actions.

Finally given the validation that she is gaining back the attentions of her mother for her extreme actions, the girl feels sad she is dying but feels what she has done justified getting back her mother's love.

This is truly terrifying.

Starving for her mother's love, the subject of Teenie Tiny takes to an eating disorder to get back the figure that her mother had admired. When that doesn't work as planned she takes more extreme measures ingesting toxins which eventually gives her cancer.

Whats Wrong With Mandy

Teenage bullying is an awful thing and those that are made to feel different often is the subject of many stories leading to the isolation of young people.

In What's Wrong With Mandy we hear of a girl that is different from the rest and ends up in a relationship with a young man. There is rumor that she wears a wig but no one is exactly sure of the reasoning. Through the typical teen antics, one night her wig falls away and what is exposed is more than just a girl that has some sort of medical condition.

What's Wrong With Mandy is another solid creepy tale.

The Reappearance Of Carrie Mae

In The Reappearance Of Carrie Mae the narrator is a child that notices a name that pops up into conversations at the annual BBQ's. He knows that the children are never allowed to wander off into the woods nearby but never is offered an explanation.

One particular day, Carrie Mae slipped away and the adults went calling for her, only to get no response. As the darkness set in the police were called and for weeks after the girls disappearance, volunteers combed the woods for her.

Nothing of the girl was found.

Five weeks after the girl went missing, Carrie Mae emerged naked, bruised, and scratched up from the woods without a word to where she had been.

But what had returned was not the girl that everyone remembered.

Only examples of the great tales available, these chilling tales are perfect for the Halloween season when like myself a horror movie, or novel is no longer doing the trick at scaring.

Just be sure not to listen alone in the dark unless you have nerves of steel and the combonation of the darkness and narratration won't unsettle you!


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