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Cruise Experience 2014

Updated on July 27, 2016

I named this title because it is an experience unlike any other experience, even though, i have experienced / travelled a lot and when i mean alot, if you know the app that tells you the percentage of the travelled countries, i have been to more than 50% and i am only 36 years, going back to the main subject, a lot of the People talk about going to a cruise, but not many actually experience it. At first, I was really hesitant to actually do this, however, after being persuaded by the family, decided to actually do this, and take four days of my vacation, the only regret i had afterwards was that i did not book for a longer period.

this cruise was one of the known good ones of Disney, and it was so good that my son did not want to go to disney land afterwards just because of the overdose of disney characters, products, entertainment that was experienced there.

the things that will take you time to do, like taking pictures is very easy in the trip, because the characters are only for the ship's guest, and they go out in the main hall to have everyone take a picture with them.

if we talk arrangment / management, its was very easy too many disney people that will help, if you talk connectivity, you are connected with their very strong wifi all the time, if you talk communication during the trip, they have two phone, that you can use with your family members for each room when you are onboard the ship. if we talk what activities that you can do, every day, its kind of fully booked with whats going on in the ship as in movies, fireworks, and live shows.

bahamas docking was very nicely arranged if you have booked a tour in Atlantic - they take care of the transportation, and give you a free nice day in atlantis water park, which is very similar to the one in dubai, the main difference is the weather which was around May of that year.

the second docking was in their own island which was full of Disney activities, and beach was really nice having the kids water slides.

the best view, was in the early morning about 6:00 AM before you can actually disembark the ship to the island from the top of the ship in the smoking area, this view is something else, given the quietness, wind, smell, and the water.

right now, the next time, it will be much more than four days, simply because of the new fun, imagine, Four days was really a blast if you take a week ot more, what things they'll be doing. i am just waiting fir the kids to be a little bit older, and we'll definitely do this.

there are much more stuff onboard that i haven't talked about, but maybe in moe articles if this article have interest.

keep in mind, fun is not cheap :)


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