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Christmas Madness 2009

Updated on April 8, 2011

© 2009. This photo is the property of it's Respective Owner and not Paedams Freelance Productions/Sweet Mocha Video Magazine.


The worst thing about Christmas is the shopping headache. The headache is caused by the stress of finding the perfect and most affordable gifts. I hate the lines, crowds and all the craziness with the sales, etc.etc.. It's ridiculous! Therefore, I do my holiday shopping online which is much more convenient and it's a idiot free zone. For years my daughter and I would get up before the chickens in zero below temperature weather on "Black Fridays" just to be trampled by some inconsiderate idiots who rather scratch your eyes out over some toys, tools, clothing, etc.,etc., than to be human. I have seen grown people get into physical altercations over VCRs, TVs or whatever is the hottest thing at the time. I've even had to roll my neck a few times and throw out some profanities just to get these idiots to back down. People have been seriously injured from crowds rushing into stores just to get their hands on what they feel is important. It's not that important that a loss of life occurs. It is what it is....murder. My heart goes out to those families that have lost loved ones over something so senseless. It's not a sport people! This is why it is important to shop smarter not harder. Shop online. All that is required is your credit or debit card and the clicking of your mouse. Once you're done the postal workers will do the rest. Front door service, you cannot beat that. Many shy away because of the shipping and handling cost.This should not be a factor because the shipping and handling is usually free depending on whom you are dealing with. This is why I love ""; most of their items cost nothing to ship and if it is required it's very reasonable. So get to browsing and take some unnecessary stress out your holiday. I have finished my shopping and if you would like to see my selections just go down the page maybe you will get some ideas on gifts. Have a great Holiday and God Bless!!

©2009. PFP



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