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Cute Christmas Gifts

Updated on September 4, 2014

When choosing Christmas gifts, sometimes you just want to make the recipient smile. You want to give something that will lift spirits and make them think of you when they use the item. Something that is cute, something that is playful, something that is fun!

Here's a list of the best cute Christmas gifts we've come across this year! We've chosen items anyone can use - useful things needn't be dull! We have also picked a range of prices so you don't have to spend too much if you don't want to.

A di Alessi toothpaste cap

A di Alessi are Italian design specialists who try to bring a fresh look to the everyday things they make, and it shows. This cute little toothpaste cap dispenses the paste from the little guy's mouth, as he moves his hand away.

If you've got kids and are trying to teach them to brush their teeth every night, the sight of the little guy "puking" the paste will amuse them no end! This makes a great stocking filler. I'm sure adults won't mind receiving this as a Christmas pressie either! This comes in red and blue.

Glass Jar with Lid

This is another A di Alessi classic. The jar is glass and the lid is made from thermoplastic resin.

You can store dry foods in it - pasta, sugar, flour, sweets.

What makes it unusual is that the little man "Gianni" is inside the jar, clinging on for dear life to the lid, and as it fills he gets pushed up. It's cool, it's cute, and if you want a neat talking point for your kitchen or dining room, this jar is it. It comes in various sizes and four colors, and is dishwasher safe.

Lilliput Salt and Pepper Shaker

This is also by A di Alessi (I know, but they make the cutest stuff!)

It's a salt and pepper shaker - and the pieces are magnetised, so you can move them around the stainless steel base and stem at will, which makes for a playful dinner table - see below for how they look when clinging onto the stem! It won't be hard to get dinner conversation going with this piece on your table.

The salt and pepper emerges from the little creatures' eyes, the stuff is stored in their little bodies.

It comes in four colors - blue, green yellow and orange.


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