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Cute Easter Baskets

Updated on March 7, 2012

I loved, loved, loved my Easter basket when I was a kid. It was a purple basket with a bunny head t the top and bunny feet at the bottom. And I kept loving that bunny basket even when I was a teenager! Nowadays they've got fancier baskets and made from plush at that -- who would've though, eh? But they're adorable and easy to stuff full of Easter goodies so they must be fabulous, right? The following is a list of gorgeous plush Easter baskets that you and your kids will love. Some of them even come with their own plush toys! Whether you've got a little boy or little girl, they will enjoy these cute little Easter baskets year after year! Just remember to stuff them full of Easter goodies!

First Easter Basket by Gund

Everyone knows Gunds reputation for high quality plush, so you know this has got to be a good bunny basket. It's brightly colored and will surely appeal to your little boy or girl -- and it comes with its own goodies! An egg that crinkles, a bunny that rattles and a chick that goes chirp! How cute is that! Not only does baby get a cute Easter basket, he or she gets cute Easter toys to go with it! Made for newborns and up.

Easter Bunny Elmo

I confess that I've never been a big Elmo fan, but even I think this Easter basket is adorable! It's classic Elmo with pink bunny ears. Your little Elmo fan will love this!

Bountiful Bunny Basket

This bunny Easter basket is just precious. It's perfect for a little princess (or prince) and it's absolutely gorgeous. And if you love this Easter basket, be sure to check out the next basket below, which is similar but shaped like a duck.

Easter Quack Basket

The Easter Quack basket is similar to the bunny basket above but, well, it's a duck! Perfect for little boys who think bunnies are too girlie, or even simply for kids who happen to love duckies. And really, when you think about it, who doesn't love duckies?

Littlest PetShop Easter Basket

I know a number of children who go mad for Littlest Pet Shop stickers, so I'm quite sure they would go mad for this Littlest Pet Shop Easter basket. It's a gorgeous, plush bunny with a beautiful sheen and design. It's so cute I almost want to buy one for myself!


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