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Updated on October 9, 2010

Happy Birthday,To My Sweetie Pie

October 5, my Sweetie Pie's Birthday.  We started celebrating last Friday, and there is no reason to stop the celebration.  A Toast to a very special lady in my life.  She doesn't really drink, so perhaps a Toast in the form of her favorite Panini bread might be appropriate.  So here's to Dianna, the Woman who took me by the hand and gave me my first experience of being led through Albertsons, (a supermarket here in Southern California)..  She loved every minute of it, a special treat for her, one which I probably did not quite grasp at the time and perhaps still do not!!   Without Dianna in my life, there are many walls I would never have climbed around or over.  I would never have seen the southern portion of the beach in La Jolla let alone New York, Mackinaw Island, Keywest, Missouri, the Ozarks, Oregon, Washington, the Pacific Ocean from a cruise ship, and Alaska.  Oh, and I got to experience a hurricane with Dianna!  Without Dianna, I would just be walking around the block upteen times till it adds up to four miles, an exercise routine I do several days a week.  But with Dianna I had the opportunity to walk fourteen times around the promenade deck,while sailing the Pacific Ocean to get my four mile walk in!  That was an awesome experience.

Dianna is an adventurer and an explorer.  She's also a Mom and it's a treat to watch her with little people and even with dogs and cats.  I have been terrified of dogs most of my life, but, because of her love for dogs, not anymore, 

Some of you have experienced Dianna leading us in 'drama games" during the workshop series, and the laughter and belly laughing is so much fun and so healing.  She also loves table games, like Wildfire, Mexican Train, Yatzee, Monopoly, and a variety of card games.  And oh, I can't forget the jigsaw puzzles and the crossword puzzles.  A short or long road trip or waiting for a performance or event to begin is definitely not boring as we work at solving the day's crossword puzzle.  It's a little embarrassing for me in church when we're waiting for the service to begin and she's whispering in my ear, "first letter "A" blank blank, "E"!  But that's what makes her fun to be with.

Over this past weekend, I was touched by Dianna's concern for a homeless woman who was camped out on a busy corner in Orange County.  "If I win the lottery," she said, "I'm going to make sure that homeless women have a hotel room to stay in."  Here I'm thinking that if I win the lottery, I'm going to buy a new car!  And Dianna is always there for extended family to assist financially and even to open up our home when necessary.

I am so lucky to have such a sweet lady and also to have someone who continues to challenge my need to control, my fear of going for it, and my tendency to think only of myself and my own comfort and not the needs of both family and people in general who come into our life daily.

So once again.  Raise your slice of Panini bread, or if you like, your glass of champagne, ice tea, diet coke  to Dianna, one special lady who celebrates her -------Nope, I'm smarter than that!  Happy Birthday,Sweetie.

Share with us your special person's birthday!

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    • palmerlarryray profile image

      Larry Ray Palmer 

      9 years ago from Macon, Missouri

      Happy Birthday Diana. That is a very nice tribute Vern. Thanks for sharing.


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