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DIY Bath Salt Soak Gift

Updated on March 3, 2015

Simple Gift of Thanks

Looking for a simple gift of thanks? This project is especially useful for those women in your life. I found this was a nice way to give them a reason to kick back, relax, and enjoy themselves. (I even kept one for myself.)

I found the recipe for this here. I chose not to use dried lavender blossoms or food coloring and I will show you why later.


  • 4 cups Epsom salts
  • 1 cup Celtic Sea Salt, (course ground)
  • 30 to 40 drops lavender essential oil (aromatherapy oil)
  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 3 Tbs Dried lavender blossoms, (I chose not to use these)

This recipe yielded about 4 1/2 jars at 8oz each. I had to make more than one batch for my gift giving so what I have shown in my photos may seem like more than yours.

I began by gathering what I would need and placed the salts and baking soda in the glass container. Although the original directions say to place the baking soda in last, I found that when I did that the oil clumped into balls. (That was the exact opposite of what the website said it would do.) So, I recommend mixing the dry ingredients together first. Stir with a metal spoon.WARNING: Do NOT use wood or plastic as they are both porous. You do not want to taste Lavender oil in your oatmeal in the morning.

Remember use non-porous materials!
Remember use non-porous materials!

Why I chose not to use food coloring...

I then went to put in the food coloring… (which was in the original recipe) but I got really nervous about it. So I decided to test it with much less. The problem is, you are putting super concentrated food coloring in something that is not liquid. Therefore, the colors are much stronger and darker. As you can see by the photo I took it's pretty gross.


Yuck. Who would want to put this in their bath? I couldn't help but wonder if it would affect the persons skin. The last thing I would want after a relaxing bath would be to discover my skin had turned green or purple. Hell, or even to have to scrub the tub! I tried different combos of coloring but to no avail. I had to add over a cup of water in order for it to look remotely purple. I can’t add water to the salts (until the bath that is) so I gave up. I really didn't want to hand out bath salt that looked like coal this Christmas, so I decided to completely leave out the coloring. If you try this and the coloring works, let me know!

I chose not to use lavender buds because they would look like little bugs floating in the water of your bath and I didn't want anyone to get a clogged drain. Remember this is supposed to be relaxing!

I added the contents to small jelly jars which came with little sticky labels. Here is my final product!

So pretty without food coloring! And a cleaner tub!

Super simple and pretty!
Super simple and pretty!

Yes, they are very simple looking and that is just how I liked it. I think they look like little jars of snow. I was going to add ribbon bows to them but the jars are so small that the bows would have covered the label.

On the tops of the jar I plan to write:

Add one cup to bathwater and let dissolve. Enjoy!

I really like that they have no artificial nonsense in them. The salts and baking soda have wonderful properties in them that soothe aches and pains and mixed with the calming scent of lavender these are win-win!


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