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DIY Birthday Gift Ideas

Updated on May 14, 2014

The Beauty of DIY Gifts

Sometimes you may be at a loss to give someone special the perfect birthday gift. It would even be more challenging if that person seems to have everything already! So instead of wasting your time looking for a gift in a local store, why don’t you try something more creative and meaningful by giving a gift you made by yourself? There will be nothing quite like it and it will be highly personalized. Try your hand in making these creative DIY birthday gift ideas.

Birthday Baskets

Everybody would love to receive goodies on their birthday. Aside from the the usual birthday cards that you always get for your celebrant, why don't you add something more to it? How about a gift basket filled with their favorite stuff? Pack it all in a basket and it will surely excite the birthday celebrant to see what is in store for him or her. Choose from among these DIY birthday baskets.

  • Shot Basket

Toast to the birthday celebrant’s health and success with this fun birthday shot basket. For fun, you can choose to include the favourite drinks of the birthday celebrant. Also, you could match the number of drinks with the age of the cel

  • Age Appropriate Basket

Getting old is not something to be sad about. In fact, you can poke fun at the whole idea with an age appropriate basket that will delight the recipient. For seniors, you can add some balms to soothe back aches, vitamins for seniors and other equally useful and funny items.

  • Chocolate Birthday Basket

Who could say no to chocolates? This birthday basket will excite anyone regardless of age. You can choose to add a variety of choices or you can stick with the celebrant’s favorite chocolate.

  • Bath & Hygiene Birthday Basket

For someone who has everything, it would be best to give items that are practical and useful. I you find that giving them such items could seem dull and boring, liven it up by making your own bath birthday basket. You can even do some of the products yourself. It will be a fun project and the recipient will enjoy seeing what you have made.

Birthday Bouquets

One of the most popular birthday gifts is bouquets. They never fail to delight the recipients and they are also easy enough to get. If you want a new twist to the usual bouquet, try these DIY bouquets.

  • Sweet Birthday Bouquet

For anyone with a sweet tooth, this bouquet is a welcome change. It not only looks great, it also tastes good as well.

  • Man Birthday Bouquet

Who ever said bouquets are for females? Men can also enjoy receiving bouquets especially one that is as masculine as this. All his favourite goodies can be found in this bouquet and he won’t regret receiving this for sure.

Birthday Trinkets

  • Cork Photo Wall

One of the most memorable and meaningful gifts is a collage of pictures of some of the photos taken over the years with the celebrant, together with your most heartfelt birthday wishes and messages for him. It will be a great memento for keeps. One of the easiest materials to use is a cork board as you can just pin the pictures and other cut-outs to make the wall attractive.

  • Globe Photo Exhibit

Another take on the photo wall is a globe converted into a photo exhibit. All you need to do is to again choose photos that are the most memorable and glue them on the globe. You need to choose more pliant material for the photos though so that it would fit the globe easier.

  • DIY Grocery List

Something very useful, you can make a grocery list out of rolled paper that is usually used for adding machines. You can stick this on a small piece of wood or cardboard and add designs. Since this is a birthday gift, you can write your dedication on the grocery list.

  • Pencil Tumbler

Practical things are always welcome although they make very boring gifts as there is no wow factor. So if you have to give something very practical like a set of pencils, do it with style so that the recipient could never think your gift is boring. Place them inside a clear tumbler so that it looks like some cool drink and add your dedication on top.


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