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DIY Christmas Decorations - Ideas

Updated on December 12, 2013

Christmas is the time to free up your creativity. DIY Christmas decorations not only add a personal touch to the embellishments, but also allow you the opportunity to explore your creative side. You can adorn your Christmas tree with DIY decorations as well as craft DIY ornaments and gifts. It allows you to have a lot of fun time with your family. The pleasure and satisfaction that you will experience after creating DIY Christmas decorations cannot be matched by hanging decorations purchased off the shelf.

Creating a DIY decoration with blank glass balls

Blank glass balls can be used in a variety of ways to create many different kinds of Christmas decorations. One of the most popular options is hand-painting them. You can draw pictures or create designs that are unique. Before you start painting the glass balls, you need to get some detail paintbrushes. Practice on one or two glass balls before creating the final pieces. Coat the ball with a finish after the paint has completely dried.

You can apply glue or three-dimensional fabric paint on the outside of the glass balls and give it a unique texture. You may also stick other ornamental embellishments like fake tiny flowers, glitter, etc. on the glue. Ribbons, wrapping paper, tissue paper can be molded and hung from the glass balls.

The glass balls can also be adorned from the inside. You can put cash inside the balls and present them as gifts to your loved ones. Glitter, colorful candy, and small toys can also be put inside the glass balls. You can add a festive look by filling the balls with cake sprinkles till it overflows. You can also paint one side of the glass ball as a jungle and then place animal toys inside it, thereby giving the backdrop of a jungle.

A DIY craft stick Santa Claus

You will need a large craft stick, acrylic paints of different colors, half a sheet of white felt, felt glue, toothpick, black marker, an 8" piece of yarn, and scissors to make a DIY craft stick Santa Claus. It is one of the most fascinating DIY Christmas tree decoration ideas that you can opt for.

The procedure is very simple. The complete stick needs to painted white at first. Then color the top section of the hat as red and glue a pom-pom on its tip. The face should be peach colored with a dash of pink on the cheeks.The belt occurring at the center of the stick, the boots at the lower end, and the eyes need to be painted black. You can use gold color to add details to the belt. Cut three strips of white felt and glue them together; one under the belt, next below the hat, and the last one on top of the boots.

DIY salt dough Christmas ornaments

The method of making DIY Christmas decorations from salt dough is so easy that even children can do it. Flour, water, and salt should be used in the proportion of 2:1:1 to prepare the dough decorations. Use hot water to make the dough.

After the dough has been prepared using the above listed ingredients, roll it into a thickness of a quarter of an inch. You can now cut out varied shapes and designs from the dough. Make a hole on the top end of each of the ornaments. Ribbons can be passed through these holes and then hung on the Christmas tree.After the shapes have been cut out properly, bake them for around 30 minutes at 320 to 330 degrees Fahrenheit. Let the DIY dough decorations cool down and then paint them.

DIY paper snowflakes

Use square-shaped white paper of around 5 inches in length to make paper snowflakes for your Christmas tree. Fold the paper diagonally to create a triangle and then fold it again to make a smaller triangle.Divide the resultant triangle into equal parts. Fold the right and left parts over the one in the center. In the resultant shape, cut the end opposite to the tip at such an angle that it creates pointed edges of the snowflakes. Cut out tiny triangles from the sides. Now, carefully unfold the paper so as to prevent tearing the design.

Other DIY Christmas decorations

You can recycle your old pair of socks into great DIY Christmas decorations. Fill up the socks with cotton or other stuff and use each of them as different body parts to create a human-like figure. Use fabrics or strings as scarf, color the lips, and stitch colored buttons as eyes.

You can also make cotton angels and adorn your Christmas tree. Cover some cotton with white lace. Tie a yellow ribbon in the abdominal area to create the waist. You may also use the yellow ribbon to create a halo. Make around 10 such angels and use a white ribbon to tie them together. Then drape it on your Christmas tree.


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