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DIY Christmas Gifts Your Family Will Love!

Updated on August 5, 2015

While purchasing gifts a store is wonderful, often we forget the beauty of home made gifts, or we feel that they aren't good enough. We associate home made gifts with Popsicle stick Christmas trees that we have received from our five year old. While we all cherish those adorable reindeer paper plates made out of our child's tiny handprints and popsicle stick Christmas trees, we don't always feel comfortable giving home made gifts to family from us. Home made gifts doesn't have to mean a horrible thing that your family will smile at and then wish they hadn't opened. I promise! I'm doing a lot of homemade gifts this year, not because I'm broke, but because I am tired of giving into the media hype and expectation of Christmas. We are going back to the basics. Religion. Arts and crafts. Family. And homemade gifts. I made a vow to not spend a fortune on my children for Christmas a few years ago as an attempt to NOT raise spoiled little brats, but this year, I'm going to show them, and the rest of my family, how awesome Christmas can be without four figures. Starting with these DIY gifts that they'll be ecstatic about!

Tile Coaster

This is a unique, easy and low budget gift all in one. It only takes a few bucks and your creativity! You can design your coasters however you want, or even put a picture on them. Family picture coasters are just adorable! Check out this website for easy how to instructions.


You can make adorable photo collages at It's easy to use, free to download the pictures, and all you have to do is print them out. I recently gave my father a picture with me and my two children in the background, with the saying "The only thing better than me having you for a father is my children having you for a grandfather". Then you just have to put it in a frame!


Everyone LOVES pillows! Well, maybe not the macho guys you know, but, the rest of us, we love pillows. Tweens will love a beautiful hot pink, fuzzy pillow. Babies will look adorable next to a small baby blue pillow. Even grandparents will think a classic Christmas words pillow is spectacular. You don't have to be able to sew like a professional either. I'm far from a pro, and I can make a pillow, so give it a shot! A few supplies at a craft store, and you have a lovely Christmas present.


This goes right along with pillows. As long as you coordinate your gift for the receiver, it's sure to be a hit! Take some time, think about what they love, and then just buy some fabric! You can buy fabric and sew a nice little border around it or even crochet or knit a nice, soft blanket. It's another easy, awesome gift!

A Basket of Christmas Goodies

I think this idea is just wonderful, but I also think gift baskets as a whole are wonderful. If put together with a little time and effort, they can really pop and make an amazing gift! Some ideas for Christmas gift baskets include: home made soaps, bath salts, baked goods and beauty products such as lotion, facial cleanser, etc. Arrange it so it looks pretty in the gift basket, add a couple bows or a ribbon, and ta-da! you have a beautiful home made gift that someone will enjoy!

Baking Mix In A Jar

This one is just as easy (if not easier) than the rest, and looks so....Christmasy! First, find a recipe for whatever will go in the jar. Brownies, cookies, and bread are great ideas. After that, you want to buy your ingredients and a mason jar. Measure out the ingredients for a batch of brownies (or cookies, loaf of bread, etc.) Next layer them in the mason jar to look pretty, tie a pretty ribbon at the top, and don't forget to include an index card with the directions! This would also make a wonderful addition to a gift basket of baked goodies!


All girls love jewelry! They make wonderful jewelry making kits that you can purchase for around ten dollars, and you can use them for more than one gift! DIY jewelry doesn't have to be "little-kiddish" either. Forget about alphabet beads with elastic strings. You can make a stylish set of earrings, charm bracelets with rhinestone charms, and costume jewelry is still more popular than ever! My mom just spent eight dollars on this necklace that has blue and clear beads with a pendant hanging at the end. It's really cute, but you could make one for a couple dollars! Just get creative, keep the receiver in mind, and there's an awesome present for your girly friends or family members!

Cake Platter/ Jewelry Stand

I know, reading the title of this little capsule those things just don't seem to go together, but this gift can be whichever you want it to be as I've seen it used for both. Take three plates (that coordinate well) and two coffee cups that also coordinate with the plates. Make sure that the coffee cups (it looks better if the cups do not have handles), and that the plates are not all the same size. They should each be a little smaller than the last one. Place the largest plate on the bottom, turn the coffee cup upside down and glue it to the plate. Then, apply glue to the other end of the coffee cup, placing the second plate on top to glue it into place. Repeat with the third plate, and there you have it! Buying plates and cups are much cheaper at a thrift store than on Amazon or even at Walmart. Don't forget the ceramic glue though!


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    • Babbyii profile image

      Barb Johnson 24 months ago from Alaska's Kenai Peninsula

      Making gifts can be so rewarding, for the one who makes it and the one who receives it. Our time is valuable. That is a gift in itself. Thanks for the ideas!