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DIY Christmas gift ideas

Updated on December 22, 2013

Christmas is a time for joy and happiness and sharing gifts with family, friends, and other loved ones. When you gift personalized gifts that are homemade, then it adds all the more fun and love to the celebration and festivities. Some DIY Christmas gift ideas are listed below:

  • Cookie Boxes: Cookies are an all-year delight. However, cookies at the time of Christmas add to the joyful festivities. If you are not aware of cookie recipes, then learn them and bake some delicious ones at home. You can opt for varied flavors such as chocolate, butterscotch, strawberry, blueberry, and more to bake different kinds of cookies. You can get the small open baskets and place your cookies in them, decorate the basket with ribbons and other accessories, cover it with cellophane paper and top it off with a big red bow tie. You can do this for each type of cookie. Personalize the cookie boxes with pictures or messages.

  • Cribs: This DIY Christmas gift has to be gifted a little earlier than the holy day, thereby allowing people to decorate the crib with their personalized items. You can take some cardboard's and make beautiful cribs out of them. You may also purchase figurines and place them in the crib. Let the gift receivers arrange and decorate the crib on their own. It is the most fun part and will definitely be enjoyed by them. You can take the help of your children to make the crib. It will really delight them.

  • Votive Candles: It is quite easy to make votive candles. All you need to do is buy some red candles and votive glasses in bulk. Melt regular candles in a plate with a low flame. Ensure that the wax does not smoke. Use a spoon and remove the wick from the candle after it has completely melted. Let the wicks dry in a straight line.Take great care while pouring the molten hot wax into the votive glasses. You may place colorful beads at the bottom of the glasses before adding the wax. This will give it a Christmassy feel. You can add some more beads at the half-way mark and then continue poring the wax. Stop after the glass is three quarters full. Take the tip of the wick and entwine a matchstick onto it.Drop the other end of the wick into the hot wax till it has reached the bottom. Let the molten wax settle in and dry. Later, cut off any excess remnants of the wick with a scissor. The votive candles are now ready to be gifted during Christmas.

  • Flipbooks: It is another DIY Christmas gift item that is both easy to make and not so expensive. It makes for a great gift idea particularly for close friends and family. Collect all the favorite pictures of your friends and family. You can browse through old family albums or even Facebook and collect pictures that have been forgotten.Use all these pictures and create a flipbook as a memoir of the wonderful times gone by. It will definitely evoke varied emotions in the recipients of the gift. Ensure that the flipbook is well-wrapped before you gift it.

  • A Books Hamper: Books make great Christmas gifts, and a hamper of books containing varied assorted books will delight one and all. In case you are planning to give a books hamper to kids, then you can place a dozen or more books about different fascinating Christmas stories and fairy tales. Younger children will prefer thin books with lots of Christmas pictures. The books are widely available at all bookstores during the season. Place all the books in a finely decorated box and put in a Santa hat as well to add to the festive atmosphere. Christmas is indeed a time to spread joy and happiness.

  • Painting: If you are good at painting, then there is no other gift as good as a painting of the moments that you shared with loved ones. You can also gift simple glass paintings. Even novice painters can go for this. All you need is a thin sheet of glass and a glass painting kit. Take a printout of your photos or other memorable pictures and then use a liner to trace it out on the glass sheet. Later, fill the spaces with appropriate colors and frame the resultant painting. You may also purchase varied clear glass items such as bowl or glass sets and then paint gorgeous designs on them. A painting will indeed speak a thousand words.

  • Gift Baskets: Gift baskets not only look beautiful but are also easy to make. There is not much to do and one can never go wrong with this DIY Christmas gift idea. You can take a gift basket made of wicker or other materials, decorate it, and fill it up with varied goodies. It is important to put those gift items in the basket which will be liked by the receiver. Chocolates are always great; more so if they are homemade. You can also personalize the gift basket by adding some homemade baked cookies and other delicacies. Wines, coffee and tea packets, cheese, and other assorted items that are of daily use can also be added.


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