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DIY Easy, Cheap and Funny Halloween Decorations

Updated on December 1, 2016


It is widely believed that many Halloween traditions originated from Celtic harvest festivals which may have pagan roots, particularly the Gaelic festival Samhain, and that this festival was Christianized as Halloween.

From at least the 16th century, the festival included mumming and guising in Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Man and Wales.This involved people going house-to-house in costume (or in disguise), usually reciting verses or songs in exchange for food. It may have originally been a tradition whereby people impersonated the Aos Sí, or the souls of the dead, and received offerings on their behalf, similar to the custom of souling. Impersonating these beings, or wearing a disguise, was also believed to protect oneself from them.It is suggested that the mummers and guisers personify the old spirits of the winter, who demanded reward in exchange for good fortune.

From at least the 18th century, "imitating malignant spirits" led to playing pranks in Ireland and the Scottish Highlands.Today, Halloween is celebrated all around the world by families, at school and a lot of public spaces, decorated with traditionally macabre symbols including witches, skeletons, ghosts, cobwebs, and headstones.

Learn about the origins of Halloween traditions.

The story behind the tricks and treats of Halloween, the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, All Souls' Day practices, and modern Halloween traditions.

DIY Crafts, Recipes, Activities, Costumes and more..

I hope I can inspire you with all the ideas listed here so you can prepare a creepy and scary party without much work. Most of the projects are easy enough for kids to make and they will be delighted to craft and organize.

There are a lot of activities and games that will get them busy before and during the holiday event.

DIY Witch's Hat Door Hanging


This is so easy to make and is so beautiful! You can decorate with different flowers and objects as you wish..

17 Subtle Ways To Make Your Home Creepy AF


There are several great ideas, but I confess that I fell in love with the haunted pillow!

50+ Fun Halloween decorations


They are really enchanting ideas! Beautiful decorations that are not difficult to make. I'm sure you will be inspired by some!

42 Halloween Party Food Ideas for Kids to Make


The food is also very important for an awful party decoration!

21 Gross Recipes: Halloween Party Food


Some more devilish food..

Pumpkin decorations
Pumpkin decorations | Source

Pumpkin Decorations

DIY Wood Crate Pumpkins


This site has a lot more cool projects to make with kids.

Large witch tent for a Halloween party.


Check out this inexpensive Ikea hack. Transforme a child's circus tent/playhouse into a witch tent

Ghost Refrigerator and Jack-O-Lantern House


You'll always find a way to haunt your place!. It's just a question of being creative!

Spooky Doors


You're going to find a lot of easy door decorations you can do easily.

29 DIY Pregnant Halloween Costumes


Cool! Why not haunt a baby?..

Halloween Hanging Lanterns


If you search the blog you will find a lot more inspiration.

35+ Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids


Awesome no-sew and cheap costumes for kids.

Spooktacular Halloween DIYs, Handmade Crafts and Projects!


Grab some ideas that are sure to haunt the imaginations of all who enter….

DIY Mummy Pillow


Join the pieces with with hot glue and you get this cute mummy.

Conjure your Creative Side with These Creepy Crawly Ideas!


Recipes, coloring pages, pumpkin decoration, costumes and more...

Chalkboard Halloween Menu {With Free Printable!}


A quick and easy project to help decorate your Halloween food table.

Printable Bat Lollipop Holder


These bat lollipop holders are simple to make and make any lollipop look spooky.

15 White Pumpkin Decor Ideas


You can play with colors this year. Why not paint some pumpkins in white? I's a nice decor for all fall season.

Day Of The Dead Makeup Tutorial


Along with your costumes you can also paint your faces.



Fun party game that the kids can do in minutes.

Make a candy corn bracelet


You can use this idea to make other jewelry with different halloween candy like bones.

DIY Magnet Board


It's so important to have a few activities for the kids to keep them busy! Try this giant DIY magnet board and foam skeleton magnets to go with it.

Ghost bowling


There's more ghostly decorations for the theme party.



This “Feed The Monster” Halloween Game is super easy to make and tons of fun to play!

Pumpkin Patch Stomp


Insert a candy or a small object inside the balloons and let the kids blow them to get the prize!



There's a big compilation of Halloween riddles at DLTK and some of them you can choose to print as coloring pages. You can also find a lot of other printable games like bingo, crosswords, dominos, mazes, erc..

Free Halloween Invitations That You Can Print From Home


You only have to print and send! Or email them...

447 Free Halloween Fonts


If you need to print signs, or words here are some zombie fonts.

Monster Cupcakes How To

You can also visit to see the photos and recipes of these sweet little monsters.

23 Best Halloween Movies Ever


Why not watch a movie to end up with? Here are some good classics to review.


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