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DIY Gift Baskets

Updated on April 10, 2012

Whether it's for a college student, parent, grandparent, significant other, or someone over seas these simple and easy gift basket or care packages are perfect for showing those special people in your life that you are thinking about them. Most people enjoy receiving mail and getting these special homemade baskets are a great surprise for anybody.

As a resent graduate I can say that receiving mail especially little care packages and gift baskets really brightened the week and always put a smile on my face. Among school, work, and homework seeing a little piece of home was always great.

Putting together these baskets are easy and take little time however they are a great way to say you were thinking of them. With your own special personal touches you can keeping giving these packages changing it up every time.

As a firm believer in recycling I love to use old boxes I have lying around or a personal favorite decorative tins. I love saving and using tins as they keep homemade cookies fresh and keep extra moisture out. Most tins are already decorative and need no extra work. With plain boxes you can use wrapping paper for any occasion to add color, or another favorite is to pick out their favorite comics and wrap the box in that if possible.

Care Package
Care Package | Source
Receiving mail from home
Receiving mail from home | Source

Tips and Tricks for Perfect Gift Baskets

For those college students homemade cookies, their favorite candies, and microwave popcorn among other snacks are a great addition to any package. Photo's of recent gatherings, or vacations are great way to bring a little bit of family and home to their dorm. Other great ideas include gas cards, or things such as toiletries or things that they might need but can't necessarily afford. If they have hobbies, you can include little items that make those hobbies possible.

For example I love to color and scrapbook, so receiving color pages and stickers were a great addition for my care packages.

Parents and grandparents that live farther away may enjoy restaurant gift cards (encourages them to get out and enjoy a date night together). Family photos and those of the grandchildren put into a slideshow for them to view again and again, crafts or colored pictures from the children, or a simple note saying you love them. Never under estimate the power of the little gifts and a simple note.

For significant others you can burn them a cd of their favorite songs, create a poem for them (women, men love these too! It shows them you care and what man doesn't like to hear how much you love them? It encourages them and makes them feel loved just as it does when they write something for you), send them their favorite candies or treats, along with photo's of you.

For those over seas videos and slide shows are a great way to bring a little piece of home to them. Homemade snacks and treats that they may not be able to get where they are, are also greatly appreciated. Include little inside jokes, magazines, colored pictures from the kids. Receiving heartfelt packages from home is a spirit lifter and a great encouragement for anyone over seas.

For those important people in your life, these gifts and care packages are the perfect way to say I love you and wanted you to know. These packages are easy to assemble and put together. Fairly cheap if you're worried about price, and well worth the effort put into them. The little added personal touches bring these baskets the touch of love everybody enjoys receiving. Instead of sending flowers, try something more personal and send a gift box or care package today :)


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