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DIY Halloween Wreaths

Updated on July 12, 2017

DIY Halloween Wreath Ideas


So you have decided to make a wreath for Halloween. You are going to DIY and save a ton of money. But where do you start? You begin making your Halloween themed wreath right here.

Think about what you'd like your wreath to look like. What colors do you want it to have. Which of the iconic Halloween symbols do you want to put on it? Eyeballs, black cats, bats, ghosts, witches...there are plenty to choose from. Do you want your wreath to be scary, creepy, or cute? You might find some inspiration in the picture posted up above. These wreaths are decorated with snakes, a haunted house surrounded by bats, spooky Halloween ribbon trimmed with a black flower, orange flower roses with a "BOO", or gathered tissue in Halloween colors of white, yellow, and that red of autumn. When you can answer these questions it will be time to get a list of the materials you will need to assemble and make your wreath.

Make A Wreath For Halloween With Paper Bats


Get a plain wreath and decorate with lots of paper bats. Use Halloween patterned paper to cut your bats, and also some plain black paper. Attach your bats to the wreath using wire to give it a 3 dimensional look or glue them on. Add a beautiful black ribbon bow to complete this festive and spooky Halloween look.

Free Printable Bat Templates For Your DIY Halloween Wreath


A Halloween Snake Wreath


A grapevine wreath and rubber snakes is the perfect decoration for your front door at Halloween. It's also an easy DIY wreath project to make. You will need a grapevine wreath, a glue gun and glue sticks, and some rubber snakes. Put the snakes everywhere. Coil them around the wreath, lay them on top of the wreath, check your design and then glue the snakes to your wreath.

Yarn Wreath Decorated With Paper Bats


You won't need to many supplies to make this wreath. Here are the materials you will need:

  • A Styrofoam Wreath
  • Gray Yarn
  • Craft Glue or A Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Construction Paper
  • Bat Template
  • Scissors
  • A Bright Halloween Colored Ribbon To Hang The Wreath

Wrap the gray yarn around the entire wreath. Tie a knot in the yarn when you are done so it doesn't unravel. Trace some bats in different sizes on the black construction paper using a template, or do it freehand if you can. Next, cut the bats out with your scissors.

Glue the bats onto one side of your wreath. The picture up above shows the bats getting larger in size down the side of the wreath. This gives the illusion that this swarm is flying away.

Tie your ribbon around the wreath to make a hanger.

Festive And Colorful Halloween Wreath


The instructions to make this pretty Halloween wreath include sewing, but I bet you could make it without having to sew a stitch. Read the tutorial completely and you will see ways to use glue rather than a needle and thread. I cannot sew very well, so I try to stay away from any projects that need to be sewn.

Here's what you will need to make some of the decorations for this wreath as it is:

  • 1 Fake Gerbera Daisy - sans the stem
  • A Strip of Fabric - one that measures about 3" x 42" and cut one end with pinking shear
  • 3/4" Wide Ribbon - cut to 6" lengths & you will need 6 of these
  • 3/8" Wide Ribbon - cut into 4 1/2" lengths & you will need 3
  • 3/8" Wide Ribbon - cut into 7" lengths & you will need 3
  • 1 Large Button - it can be covered in fabric or not
  • A Needle And Some Thread
  • A Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

The wreath itself is covered in Halloween color pip berries and you can find these at a craft store that has a large wreath selection. One online shop I know of is Factory Direct Craft.

Pip Berry Wreath Ideas For Halloween


Diy Halloween Ornament Wreath


To make this beautiful Halloween wreath you will need:

  • A Wreath (Styrofoam)
  • Christmas Ornaments in Black & Orange - use matte, glitter, and shiny ornaments
  • Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • Black Duct Tape
  • Halloween Ribbon - for a bow

Wrap the wreath in the black duct tape. Glue the metal tops to the ornaments so they don't fall apart...take the metal tops off, put a dab of glue on them, put them back into the ornaments and let them dry. Pick a pattern or randomly glue the ornaments to your wreath. Add a bow to the top or side of your wreath and you've got an elegant wreath to decorate your home.

DIY Jack Skellington Halloween Wreath Tutorial

How-to Make a Geo Mesh Wreath - Love The Purple!

The Halloween Witch Wreath


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