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DIY Homemade Thanksgiving Gift Ideas For Adults (How To Do It Yourself)

Updated on October 6, 2013

Thanksgiving is an exciting time of year that brings family and friends together. It's full of wonderful food and warm company, but it can be difficult to find ideas for host/hostess or other gifts. Unlike Christmas or Valentine's Day, gift giving this time of year is a little less common. Read along with this article to get great heartfelt ideas for seasonal do-it-yourself gift ideas that any adult will love for Thanksgiving.

1. Fall flavoured alcohol

Boozy gifts are usually a hands-down winner for any dinner party or adult event. However, a simple bottle of wine or traditional spirit are easily obtained from any liquor store, and may not portray that 'heartfelt thank you' message you may want for a gift. This time of year, focus on warm complex flavours that are sure to warm the belly, such as spiced cider, mulled wine, pecan or apple pie and/or salted caramel.

Salted caramel vodka is always a crowd pleaser, and looks great when bottled in a fancy glass bottle with ribbon. It's really easy to do a few days in advance, and can be make in large batches so you will always have some on hand to your next dinner party.

Follow this link for a detailed recipe for how to make Salted Caramel Vodka.

Other great ideas for seasonal flavoured vodkas is cranberry, and/or apple pie spice. Simple soak the vodka with the flavourings for a few days, run it through a strainer and bottle it in a fancy bottle. Voila - easy and beautifully presented personalized hostess gift.


2. DIY Gift Basket

A personalized gift basket is always a great idea for a host/hostess gift when you're not too sure what to give. You can fill it with a variety of fall-flavoured goodies, and you can guarantee anyone will love it.

Ideas to fill the baskets include season candies (candy corn, caramels, apple candies, decorated chocolates), drinks (apple cider, wine, seasonal beer, flavoured vodka), home made jams or jellies and fall-inspired decorations for their home or dinner table.

Tip: Go to your local dollar store and pick up orange, red and white tissue paper or ripped paper strands to fill the base of the basket, and fill any extra space with cute knick-knacks you can find for cheap, such as fancy looking drink glasses, pumpkin decorations, spices etc.

Click this link to read about an example of a great thanksgiving themed gift basket idea.


3. Home-made fall flavoured scented candles

Scented candles are a beautiful gift, and can come in such a wide variety of flavours. The good thing about this gift is that they are good for both the avid seasonal home decorated (they will love the thought put into it) and also great for anyone not interested in seasonal decorating (they will appreciate that you've done the work for them).

With the right materials, making your own scented candles can be pretty easy to do. They can also look very unique when you get creative with the candle holder. One great way to personalize these gifts can be to find unique drinking glasses and fill them with the candle wax - you can guarantee they will never find another one like it!

Click this link for step-by-step instructions on how to make your own scented candles.


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