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Halloween Costume - DIY Peacock Costume

Updated on March 26, 2013

When Halloween comes around a lot of people buy their costumes, but it is not very fun when you go out and see the same costume on five other people. Why not make your own costume? You dont have to think of some unique or crazy idea to make your costumer extra extraordinary. Just making your own costume is unique enough since that way no one else can have the same costume as you!

My peacock costume was one of the costumes that I enjoyed making the most, it was super fun and did not cost me more then $50 which is a big bonus since if you want a nice costume to buy it will usually cost you over $100.

Material Needed:

1 Corset – you can make your own if you want but I don’t know how to make one so I bought a plain corset off of eBay for an inexpensive price, if you are looking to buy I suggest a plain corset since you will be decorating it yourself.

1 Tutu – you can make a tutu or you can just buy one off of eBay since it is not that expensive to buy one. There are many styles of tutus available, I chose one that does have quit a few layers because I wanted it to be very puffy and it didn’t want anything that stuck out too much because I didn’t want to be knocking everyone’s drinks over when I was out.

1 Package of Royal Blue feathers – not too long because if it is too long it is very hard to work with

1 Package of Peacock feathers

Royal Blue ribbon that matches the color of the blue feathers

Dark green (I went with a swampy kind of green) mesh-y type of material

And A package of little sparkles or a string of them, (I used both string and individual ones because for certain parts it was easier with one or the other but you dont need to have both cause you can cut the ones on the string out and glue the individuals ones together) or just something shiny, preferably flat

1 Comb that stays in hair, sorry I really don’t know what the official name for this is but here is a link to Amazon that has these combs for sell - maybe if someone knows what these combs are called they can comment below...

glue gun (glue guns are my best friend, I’m really not good a sewing)

1 big pin can be any shape

*Remember all of this can be changed and made to what you like for your own peacock costume, after all this is just a guide line to my personal costume*

The first thing I started with was the corset because it had so many small feathers on the chest area and so many small crystals all over the corset. I first glued on the strings of these flat sparkly beads that are kind of flat, I glued them against the boning of the corset. Next I glued the feathers from the top of the corset down towards the middle, I didn’t do the whole chest but it is up to you what you want to do. I also made it a bit of a triangle shape but not too angular because that is what I imagine when I think of the chest of birds. Don’t be afraid to put on a few layers, you will probably lose a few feathers throughout the night. Then I put more of the sparkly flat beads onto the corset just randomly so that it sparkles more and all over.

After working on the corset, I started the tutu (you can actually work on the outfit in any other I just chose to do it this way because if I screwed up on certain parts I could reorder certain things but that would take time which is why I made my costume in the order I did). The tutu, although you can’t really see it in the pictures has peacock feathers and the sparkly beads glued all over it on all the layers randomly. So this part is fairly straightforward and simple to do.

Next I had the head piece, this and the back piece was surprisingly the hardest part of the costume. The headpiece is all peacock feathers. The tricky part is not gluing the feathers on but getting them on pointing at the right angles. This is very straight forward as well, it’s just a bit of tedious work because it’s a lot of patient trying to glue everyone on right. I also glue a bunch of the royal blue feathers in the center too to hide all the other glue that I used for the peacock feathers.... (yes I know it is a bit silly)

The back piece, which is kind of like a tail, but I didn’t want anything sticking up cause I thought it would look better hanging down, and that is why I’m not calling it a tail even though it technically is. But anyways, the back piece is created with the pin, feathers and ribbons. The reason I chose a mesh-y material for the ribbon is so that it can stand up on its own. I also glue peacock feathers to it so make it stand up sturdier and all of this is glued to a pin which is pined to the back of the tutu, so don’t be shy to get a very big pin! (or maybe it’s call button?) The Royal blue ribbon is also used here, it is just tied to the middle of the everything so that it hands down with the green mesh-y material.

I added black lacy tough gloves to my costume but this is optional.

This costume is super easy to make, it only took me 2 days to finish it. And it was lots of fun and I got a lot of compliments on it as well.


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