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Dad, dad, the best that I've had

Updated on September 3, 2016

Dad, dad the best that I’ve had

Seriously, my dad is really not bad!

He showed me that ‘dad’ is something you earn with love,

Not something that you get magically by blood.

He came into my life at a fairly young age

It’s because of him that everything started to change

He’s been there through all the good times and sad,

My dad is here to stay, he’s more than a fad,

He’s more than a fad, because he’s my dad.

He put our needs first and his own always last

He treated us great despite a rough past.

I can’t remember when I once called him step,

Cos to me he is Dad, and at that he is best

He’s the best that I’ve had he’s really not bad,

He’s there through the good times and sad

He’s more than a fad and for that I am glad

Because I get to call him my dad.


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