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Darth Vader Costume Adult

Updated on October 12, 2011

Darth Vader Costume

A Darth Vader costume is a great choice for any fan of Star Wars or anyone who loves a fan of the films. Darth Vader has been an iconic figure in pop culture and science fiction for the past several decades. He has been featured in movies, television, cartoons, video games and more, which makes him a great choice for a Halloween costume for people who want to be recognized instantly.

!! Darth Vader Costume Basics:

Darth Vader wears black armor that covers his body from head to toe. Not a single bit of skin or hair is visible. He wears a helmet that covers his mouth, nose and eyes. Some helmets have sound included to mimic Darth Vader’s trademark heavy breathing and his famous phrase of, “Luke, I am your father.” Be sure to purchase a lightsaber to complete the costume.
A realistic Darth Vader costume would be very difficult for a person to put together on their own. It would be extremely expensive and time consuming to create a homemade Darth Vader look. It would also require a high level of sewing and construction talent.

Darth Vader Costume Adult

How To Purchase A Darth Vader Costume

!! Who Can Wear a Darth Vader Costume:

Since Darth Vader is covered from head to toe, either gender can wear the costume without questions being asked. Women and girls who wish to dress up as Darth Vader for Halloween just need to purchase their costumes from the boys or men section. Girls can add a little personality and a bit of feminine flair by carrying a pink trick or treat bag or sticking a pink bow to the top of the helmet if they wish.
Darth Vader costumes are available in all sizes, starting with infants. The costumes for babies and small toddlers do not cover the face though, as this could provide a choking or suffocation hazard for young children. Baby and toddler costumes come with a cap instead of a full face mask. Costumes are available for children and adults of all sizes, including those in need of a plus size costume. Darth Vader costumes for dogs are even available!

!! Star Wars Themed Group Costume Ideas:

Gather together your friends and family members to join Darth Vader in creating a great Star Wars themed group costume. Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia (in either the classic white dress or the Slave Leia bikini), R2D2, C3PO, Han Solo, Yoda, Chewbacca, Storm Troopers, Ewoks and Jabba the Hut are all possible options.
As an alternative, merge the classic Star Wars trilogy characters with those in the three new films by having someone in a Darth Maul costume to be an opposite to the person in the Darth Vader costume. Add a Queen Amidala to Princess Leia, Anakin Skywalker to Luke Skywalker or Jar Jar to Chewbacca.

!! Where to Buy a Darth Vader Costume:

Purchasing a Darth Vader costume should be an easy task. Darth Vader costumes for all sizes should be widely available in any store that carries Halloween costumes during the months of September and October. They are also available at any of dozens of online Halloween retailers. These online Halloween costume shops offer a large selection of reasonably priced costumes all year long. Look for online discount coupon codes and free shipping offers to help you save even more cash.

Darth Vader Mask

Darth Vader - Luke I Am Your Father


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