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Dawn's Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Geeks Ideas 2012

Updated on October 29, 2012

My Geeky Experience

This top ten list is based on being a bit of a geek myself, having brothers and cousins who are geeks, one day would like to marry a geek, and of course from watching the show Big Bang Theory. Keep in mind not all of these items are appropriate for children and I think I've pointed out which ones pretty well. They are all fun and entertaining and will hopefully please all of the geeks on your list!

10. Amazon Gift Card

This is a great gift if the person you are shopping for is picky. has enough items to please even the ficklest of recipients.

9. Trading Cards

Trading card games are played all over the world. Some games even hold tournaments and give out numerous prizes including electronics and cash.

8. Sci Fi/Fantasy Themed Board Games

My geeky brothers and cousins have spent hours playing these two games. They are both fun and thought provoking, taking quite a bit of skill to play each one.

7. Action Figures

Because a geek is basically a big kid! The popularity of super heroes and Nintendo characters will seem to never die in this element. Also popular are action figures from adult cartoons such as Family Guy.

6. Comic Books

Comic books will always maintain their popularity with certain groups of geeks! Comic book stores are still around but if there isn't one near you, has what you need!

5. Graphic T-shirts

You really can't go wrong getting these for geeks of all ages! Super hero and cartoon character T's are especially popular. Also silly cartoon ski caps seem to be making a trend this year.

4. The Cards Against Humanity Game (Adults Only!)

This is the most hilariously fun party game ever invented. It is similar to Apples to Apples except for the fact that the cards are extremely offensive. Do not play or purchase for children or the easily offended!

3. The iPhone 5 (And accessories) Check your wireless dealer for actual phone!

2. The Amazon Kindle Fire

This makes the original Kindle look like a dinosaur. Great graphics and touch screen!

1. Apple iPad MD328LL/A 16GB

Forget geeks, everyone on your Christmas list would love to own this! If you've got a lower budget, then there are other less expensive tablets out there as well. Also an iTunes gift card would go well with this item.


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    • Mary Merriment profile image

      Mary Merriment 5 years ago from Boise area, Idaho

      Great tips for choosing gifts for the beloved geeks in our lives. I'm a big fan of Big Bang Theory as well.

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 5 years ago from California

      Very professionally written hub. The ideas are so geeky they are perfect. Love the Big Bang Theory.

      Voted up, useful, and interesting.

    • visionandfocus profile image

      visionandfocus 5 years ago from North York, Canada

      I'm a geek who married a geek, so this is right up our street. Amazon gift cards and Kindle Fire--keep 'em coming! Also love Big Bang Theory. Gotta love that Sheldon boy. :)