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History of Valentines Day

Updated on May 3, 2013

Day of Love

This is the day we all think of that special person or persons that we hold close and dear to our hearts. It was originally known as a Christian holiday on which homage was payed to three martyrs with the names St. Valentine. In its early days it was known as Saint Valentines Day but later in time it was taken out of the General Roman calendar of Saints this was done by Pope Paul Vl. It became more commerialized selling Valentines cards, flowers (especially red roses), and chocolates, along with many other romantic gestures such as a romantic dinner for two. I remember as a child going to school with my bag of Valentine cards to hand out to kids in my class. I myself never had the honor of having the biggest pile of Valentines. I remember taking care that I got my cards home in one piece to show to my family with a feeling or sense of pride in my little collection of love cards. It's no longer seen as just a holiday for lovers but for all kinds of relationships. It's become more of a way to show our fondness for others whether it is in a romantic fashion or just a friendship. We really need to spread all the love we can in our world today. Even if it is just saying to someone "Happy Valentines Day" this is free and it will brighten someones day hearing it.

Secretly Marrying

There are Valentine legends on how this day came to be these tend to lean more towards having a romantic twist to them than a religious one. One of these legends is about a Christian priest who was sentenced to be executed by the Roman emperor his crime being that he was secretly marrying Roman soldiers. At this time the Romans believed that single men made better soldiers so soldiers were forbidden to marry.

Cured Blindness

This priest by the name of St. Valentine was made an offer by the emperor this being that if he gave up his religious beliefs his life would be spared; he declined the offer. It was said that St. Valentine was in love with the jailer's daughter, who he cured of her blindness just before he was executed. He left her a note that was signed "From your Valentine".

First Valentine in History

This could have been the first Valentine of sorts. What ever type of love you plan on spreading on Valentines Day it doesn't matter as all love is good and it's something we can never have enough of so have a great day of love!

"Image courtesy of valentine".

Love and Romance


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    • Pamela-anne profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Miller Lake

      Thanks so much Anjili for the kind comment take care.

    • Anjili profile image


      7 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

      Cool hub.

      Valentines day has proved to be a day that is potent with love.

      Many look forward to it for the blessings it brings into our lives.

      I enjoyed reading about the origin of valentines in your hub. Keep up with it. Lol

    • Pamela-anne profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Miller Lake

      Thanks for the lovely reply Lesley I'm sorry you had a bad experience dealing with valentines as a child; take care dear and have a Happy Valentines Day!

    • Movie Master profile image

      Movie Master 

      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      I remember as a kid I never received one valentine! every year I was devastated!!

      Thank you for an enjoyable and interesting hub, voted up, best wishes Lesley


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