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Day of San Valentín

Updated on July 23, 2016

Day of San Valentín

Day of San Valentín

During antiquity, a pagan festival dedicated to fertility, called Lupercalia was celebrated in Rome. During this party them women hoped to be battered with whips madeof skin of goats and dogs, wet in the same blood of these animals, since believed that this ritual les gave fertility. Centuries later, in the year 496, Pope Gelasius I forbade the celebration of Lupercalia and instituted on February 14 as the day of the feastof St. Valentine. In 1382, the English writer, Geoffrey Chaucer, wrote a poem entitledParliament of the birds, which is mentioned first Valentine's day as a day of celebration for lovers. Based on the poem of Chaucer, began to consider Valentine's day as aday dedicated to love. Eighteen years later, King Carlos VI of France, created the Court of love, by means of which, the first Sunday of each month and duringValentine's day, were made a series of competitions in which participants competedto get couple among the courtly damsels. In 1416, the French Duke, Carlos of Orleans, after being captured at the battle of Agincourt and imprisoned in the Tower of London, wrote a letter of Valentine to his wife Bonne of Armagnac. This letter is currently, the letter from Valentin more ancient in existence. From the 15th century, the celebration of Valentine's day as Valentine's day, was becoming more popular in France and Great Britain. With the passage of time, this holiday was becoming popular in other parts of Europe such as Germany and Italy. Also, from the 15th century, became a custom write poems or Valentinas between lovers. Since the beginning of the19th century, began in Britain the commercialization of this festival with the mass manufacture of generic cards of the Valentine's day, with phrases and adornos.2
In Angloamerica to 1842, Esther Angel Howland began selling the first postcards massive Valentine's, known as "valentines", with symbols such as the shape of the heartor Cupid. Also in this day is common the tradition of giving roses to those people towhich is has an affection special.
There are several theories that give this date the origin of Valentine's day. In the Nordic countries is during these dates when she is matched and mate the birds, that iswhy this period is seen as a symbol of love and creation.


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