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Daydream Island Holiday Review

Updated on October 20, 2013

Daydream Island Resort and Spa

One of the pools at the south end of the island.
One of the pools at the south end of the island. | Source

The Living Reef inland lagoon

some of the inhabitants
some of the inhabitants | Source

What attracted me.

I've become a firm believer of 'taking care of myself' so I am in a better condition, physically and mentally, to take care of everyone else in the family.

I chose Daydream Island for my escape,. Daydream Island is located in Queensland, Australia a short distance by boat from Airlie Beach. It is one of the many beautiful islands in the Whitsunday passage. The biggest attraction for me was the spa facility which offers many pampering packages from massages to beauty treatments to naturopathy.

Having a massage or some other kind of spa treatment while you're there, is a must do. I recommend you visit Daydream's website and thoroughly research what's on offer and book it in advance so you don't miss out.

The island does offer free tours of some of the special facilities unique to the island while you're there which you should probably look at doing at your first convenience.

The Living Reef was without a doubt an attraction I found appealing. This is a significantly large inland lagoon that has an amazing array of fish, sharks and stingrays and also comes with a variety of activities in itself as well as free tours and public fish feeding.

I should also mention there is free wild fish feeding off one of the islands beaches. The wild fish feeding is also incorporated in a paddle boarding adventure as a paid activity. (I missed out that day due to windy weather a downside of only staying 2 nights).

There are also the usual range of activities you'd expect from an island like your snorkeling and water craft, plus extras like yoga and mini golf that are listed on their website.

And the wildlife was amazing, early morning and dusk walks was like Planet of the Kangaroos plus I saw a goanna stalking some kind of small wild hen which I scared away while trying to film, much to the goannas disgust.

My Room (including my gear lol)

The inside of my Garden Room
The inside of my Garden Room


I chose The Garden Rooms because they were the cheapest. I loved mine, I had a hammock situated within spitting distance of my room and in the mornings I could sit on my patio and watch the kangaroos. I also discovered you can pretend you've got food and most of the wildlife will come very close to you. I tried doing a selfie with a kangaroo in the background and was kind of successful only I had my early morning haven't quite woken up face.

Have a look on Daydreams site for specifics as there are a variety of rooms with different views etc. Travel websites often have special deals available and if you live in the Whitsunday and Mackay regions make sure to check with your local travel agents as they too often have special deals for locals.

Mermaids Restaurant

travelling alone I always got put in some corner with awesome views lol
travelling alone I always got put in some corner with awesome views lol | Source


My favourite place to eat was Mermaids Restaurant. There are a couple of other eating options on the island with varying operating times at both the south and north end of the island in 'good' walking distance. If you're gluten intolerant the options are few and far between, if you're not The Bakery down the south end looked awesome.

I have a gluten issue so I'm going to say it; 'It does put a bit of a downer on your holiday when your eating options are limited to fruit salad or some other sort of salad from most of the little eating places. When I'm on holiday I want to be naughty not healthy.

Having said that my absolute favourite was the Garlic Tiger Prawns from Mermaids OMG! (I'm not even sure if it was GF but there was no flatulent recourse).

Up close and personal

Getting around.

There are flights available that go to Hamilton Island and the airport at Proserpine where there is a transit bus to take you to Abel Point or Shute Harbour Marina where you catch a ferry to the island.

Whitsunday Cruises are 'the' ferry service (the timetable does vary) that runs from the mainland, to and from the island. There are also a variety of different inter island hopping cruises available and fishing trips.

For the adventurous, there are helicopter joy flights.

Walking is 'the way' to get around the island, but there is also a golf buggy service that you can hitch a ride on to get from the north end to the south end of the island and vice versa.

Lover's Cove

Snorkelling spot
Snorkelling spot

To plan, or not to plan?

On arrival you'll receive a timetable of island activities, a map and various other pamphlets detailing tours, activities etc.

Admittedly the only thing i actually planned was my Hot Rock Massage the other stuff I accidently blundered upon, there's always something going on and I simply attached myself to it.

I do however suggest that you look at the activities timetable and read the map and read the map, yes I said it twice. I decided to go snorkelling one morning and thought i knew where Lovers Cove was, I walked to the south end of the island realised I had no idea and was directed to the nature walk (which I wanted to do anyway). Without water i headed off, on my lonesome, and it was walking on a trail through the scrub. I was just beginning to think I could get eaten by something and no-one would ever know when I passed some other walkers. Then I started thinking OMG I'm going snorkelling by myself that's a bit stupid, but by the time I reached Lover's Cove and then realised I could have walked through the resort and been there in less then 10 minutes I declared to myself if I see a shark I'm going to punch the bastard in the nose.

Moral of the story; read the frickin map, look at the activities on offer and join a group when snorkelling. And take water with you.

Incidentally I could have done with a hydrotherapy spa bath treatment after my snorkelling trek but because i didn't plan it I missed out. Doh! So I had a long hot uninterrupted bubble bath instead.

My fave things!

Number one awesome thing was feeding the stingrays, having them swim around and up against you while petting them and feeding them was absolutely amazing.

Hot Rock Massage: my first impression was Chinese torture but then ooohhhh sheer bliss it was sooo amazing I actually stared at myself in the mirror after the massage was over to see if I looked different.

The wildlife: I happily walked around the island just looking for kangaroos and whatever else.

The staff: loved them all. Helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, chatty, heck i felt like pinching one of their tropical shirts and pretending i was one of them.

The hammock out the front of my room.

While I enjoyed my stay travelling alone, I'd have to say that Daydream Island is more for families and couples. My intent was to have a break and thoroughly enjoy myself and I thoroughly did!

Toughing it out



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    • loveofnight profile image

      loveofnight 3 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland

      thanks for sharing your vacation with us. i would really love seeing the living reefs. in the end, it sounds as if you may have missed the family that you wanted to take a break from. none-the-less i am glad you had a great time.

    • WuckingFurries profile image

      Leanne Mifsud 3 years ago from Mackay Qld Australia

      thanks, and there was definitely a few activities that I did that I would have loved sharing with my bunch

    • Karen Hellier profile image

      Karen Hellier 3 years ago from Georgia

      You have used beautiful pictures to illustrate this hub. Thanks for sharing this with us. I have never heard of it before.

    • WuckingFurries profile image

      Leanne Mifsud 3 years ago from Mackay Qld Australia

      Hi Karen, I've just added a link to it's official website lol I hadn't thought of doing that until i read your comment. Thanks :)

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