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Dead Celebrity Costume Ideas

Updated on May 29, 2014

Dead Celebrities - A Slightly Morbid Costume Idea

If you have been invited to a Halloween, costume or theme party, or more specifically, a dead celebrity party, which have become popular recently, it may be difficult to come up with the perfect costume. It may be even harder to find a costume that of good quality. There are many elements of a costume to consider as you look for that perfect disguise, such as cost, durability, versatility, and even originality. You may want to go with a classic costume choice, or you might consider a more creative idea. While there are several names that may come to mind immediately when we think of dead celebrities, other names may not be as commonly replicated, which could make you the hit of the party. Below are a few dead celebrity costume ideas, all available on Amazon, to help you decide which costume is best for your needs.

Michael Jackson Dead Celebrity Costume Idea for Men

Smiffy's offers an excellent replication of one of Michael Jackson's iconic looks. The "Michael Jackson Bad Adult Costume" offers a little bit of deviation from this classic costume. Most Michael Jackson costumes originate from his "Thriller" music video; however, this option uses his look from "Bad," a still-classic, but less-replicated choice. This costume also comes with more accessories than most Jackson-inspired items. Included in the costume are a black jacket, designed as Jackson's was, black trousers accented with red, two gloves, a spiked bracelet, and shoe covers designed to match his. The costume is made with high-quality material so it fits and feels just like traditional clothing. It comes in sizes medium and large, which cover a wide range of fits. It is a bit pricier than other costumes, around $160, primarily due to the quality of the material. This is a great choice if you want a classic image, but unique costume.

Janis Joplin 1960s Costume Idea

Janis Joplin also proves an interesting, yet recognizable costume idea. Forum Novelties' "Women's 60's Generation Hippie Purple Haze Costume" could pass as a Janis Joplin costume, particularly if paired with Elope's "Janis Inspired Wire-rimmed Costume Sunglasses". Forum Novelties' costume features purple, accented with rainbow-patterned flowers on its pants and tunic. The style of the costume is in keeping with classic 60's attire. It is made with polyester and comes in standard sizing, fitting women from size 6 to 14. The glasses are made with metal and plastic and look exactly like Joplin's classic shades. They are gold and yellow, but purple glasses are also available in the same style. This costume can be accessorized easily, if you should want to add a headband, boots, or jewelry. The cost is very affordable. The Hippie costume is about $32 and glasses around $6.

Elvis Presley Costume Ideas

One of the most recognizable dead celebrity costume ideas would be Elvis Presley. Rubie's Costume Company offers one of his classic outfits at an affordable price, between $33 and $85, depending on size. The "Elvis Deluxe Gold Costume" comes with a gold, polyester jacket and pants set, accented with silver fabric. This costume is versatile and can be easily accessorized. For example, you might add a wig, such as California Costume's "Men's Rock N' Roll Wig", styled exactly like Presley's hair, or sunglasses from Official Costumes such as "Signature Elvis Sunglasses- Gold", which are under $25 if purchased together. If you come to a party as Elvis, everyone will know exactly who you are. If you come in this costume, you will not be wearing a frequently-replicated style.

Amy Winehouse Costume Accessories for Women

Amy Winehouse is yet another recognizable, but unique choice for a costume party if you are looking for dead celebrity costume ideas. TV Store offers a wig and tattoo set that would get you started with a very versatile, affordable costume choice. The "Amy Winehouse Tattoo and Wig Set" includes a wig and multiple temporary tattoos so you can duplicate Winehouse's signature style. You can look like her easily with this set, along with whatever clothes and accessories you might pair with it. At only $30, you can become an iconic, yet contemporary celebrity. The flexibility and affordability of this costume make it an ideal choice for those interested in lower cost, but quality costumes.

A Gunfighter Costume, Like John Wayne

Forum Novelties also offers a costume that you can turn into a John Wayne costume. Their "Men's Gunfighter Costume" mimics some of Wayne's classic looks from his most popular films. This costume includes a long, brown duster coat, tan vest with an attached shirt, and red bandanna. Priced between $30 and $56, depending on size, this is a great option if you are considering cost and quality. The material of the coat and vest is durable and made with polyester. You could even accessorize this costume with a cowboy hat and toy gun, both available at affordable prices. This costume allows you to come dressed as a recognizable character at a great price. Of all of the dead celebrity costume ideas, this one is one of the most versatile as you can transform it into other characters or figures, based on how you accessorize.

Marilyn Monroe's Iconic Dress from The Seven Year Itch

One of the most iconic women's costumes is the Marilyn Monroe costume. California Costumes offers an excellent option for you if you want to go to a party dressed as this legendary Hollywood figure. The "California Costumes Women's Adult Deluxe Marilyn Costume" includes a white dress, styled exactly like one of her most recognizable portraits. The dress is washable, durable, and available in small to extra-large sizes. Priced between $10 and $45, based on size, this is a low-cost value as the dress will allow you to replicate Monroe's glamorous image. You can style your hair like hers, or you might purchase the Marilyn Monroe wig, also available from California Costumes at about $12. Accessorize this piece as you like and you are sure to impress others with this classic costume.

Dead Celebrity Costumes - You Need to See the Funny Side

All of these dead celebrity costume ideas are available on Amazon. They are high-quality, well-reviewed, and easy-to-model choices for your next costume party.

If you are planning a costume part with a dead celebrity theme, you should make sure that those invited are not easily offended, especially with relation to the more recently deceased.


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