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Decorating Ideas for a Sunday Market Themed Party

Updated on August 31, 2020
Anna Kristel Javier profile image

Anna is a crafter, sculptor, painter, miniaturist, props magician, soap maker, animator, production/ events, and interior designer.

You can create the decorations for this party theme yourself!

This Sunday Market themed children's party is full of fun and bright colors, lots of accessories that can be bought off the shelf from your local crafts store or online which makes it convenient. There are a few projects you can try as well to give it that personalized touch. In this article you will get great ideas on what decors you and the kids can make and what materials are needed

Sunday Market Themed Decor

Choose a fun theme that is not faddish

Where to begin.

In this article, let us concentrate on the decorations. I will leave the rest of the planning to you but here are a few guide questions to follow just in case.

  • what is your theme
  • once you have established what the theme will be, count how many are coming
  • where will it be held, at home or in a hall or a restaurant or a venue
  • will you be ordering food and cakes for your party or will you be making all these yourself
  • what time will this party start

Now for the Centerpieces:

For this theme, if you plan to have around 10 tables or more, try to make a variation of 3 to 5 different designs for your centerpieces. For this particular party, I decided on 4 designs.

Flower centerpieces

1. First, I bought a few stuffed toy flowers online. These centerpieces also doubled as souvenirs for the party's guests. I made a platform using a 20 inch by 20 inch box. I covered it in wrapping paper with a gingham pattern. I used two colors, pink and blue. For the blue gingham, i went around the box with a pink satin ribbon on the top and bottom edges. For the pink gingham pattern, I used blue satin ribbon. It completed the look of the box. You have to remember, the secret is to pay attention to the small details. It will make your design really pop.

2. I used a square glass container to hold up my flowers. You can use any type of vase or even use old bottles, just remove the label and cover the middle with another cloth or piece of colored paper. I filled the container half way with sand.

You can also print out some personalized postcards to place beside the flowers

Cute Flower Centerpiece

Flower stuffed toys

T Play Plush Flower Bendable Stems Colorful Stuffed Flowers Plush Toy Durable Plush Daisy Flower Bouquet with Happy Smiley Face Toy Flower Sunflower Plushie Gift for Kids Baby Girl Toddlers 12"
T Play Plush Flower Bendable Stems Colorful Stuffed Flowers Plush Toy Durable Plush Daisy Flower Bouquet with Happy Smiley Face Toy Flower Sunflower Plushie Gift for Kids Baby Girl Toddlers 12"
When coming up with a theme for a party, try to research first what are the toys or things that can be easily bought and not cost too much. For this particular party, I opted for stuffed flower toys. These toys were brought home by the guests and served as a souvenir. I love using these flowers for several of my parties because the stems have flexible wire inside of them. If I have a theme like garden or jungle, it is easy to coil these around branches or poles or hang from the ceiling. They are also quite cute because each of them has embroidered faces. Although these toys are quite inexpensive, you might still want to try to make your own. You can use any fabric you have; all you need to do is make a flower pattern. To do that, you have to make the face which is a round shape. Take two pieces of fabric with a round stencil, cut at last a half inch away from the line. Put the two front sides together and stitch. Invert this after. Stuff it with cotton of fiber fill. To make the petals, you can just cut out petals on to felt cloth because it is stiff enough and won’t crumple if someone accidentally grabs it or sits on it. For the stem, get a thick gauge wire and wrap it with satin ribbon. Just make sure you twist the end into a ring so it won’t have a sharp tip. You can embroider faces on to the flowers or just using a marker make your own happy faces. Aside from the fabric material, you can also make these out of pattern paper. Making sure the face is a different design from the petals. Again, just use a marker for the face. Make as many as you like.

Look for things you can use inside your house

You can refurbish your old things like add lace or ribbons or simply by cleaning them. It will save you lots of money and they can go back to being your house decorations after the party. No new clutter!

Picnic Basket Centerpiece Design

For the second centerpiece, I decide on a picnic theme. This is how i went about making this design.

1. I found some weaved baskets from my local craft store and I used it for this design. I also found paper napkins with a blue gingham pattern which was perfect since it looked exactly like my paper cover for the box I used as the riser. Again, the riser is 20 inches x 20 inches.

2. I used plastic plates, blue utensils, pink gingham paper napkins. You can just use what you already have at home or easily get these at the grocery store.

3. I found some faux cake. You can surely use real cake to display but the ones I found were also going to given to the guests as souvenirs.

4. To add to the theme, I was able to find some old bottles I covered with the gingham pattern and used satin ribbon to tie it in the middle. The red and blue liquid is just water with food coloring. You can replace these with old soda pop bottles as well, to give i that vintage classic look.

No.1 Pie!

This is the third centerpiece theme and the most fun to make. The materials for this centerpiece is easy to find at any grocery and hobby store. You can try these steps and make your own version of it.

1. Make a box riser, For this one, I made a 20 inches x 20 inches box, covered it in pink gingham paper and lined it with blue ribbon.

2. Make your pies. Use a tin foil cake pan and get crumpled newspaper and form it into a ball. Place it into the pan.Add smaller crumpled paper and make sure that it goes all the way to the edges. Also, the center has to be the tallest peak. Make as many pies as you need. For this party, I made 3 pies per table.

3. With clay, I rolled it our like fondant and created my top pie crust. Each one was different since it was a contest after all. This is a fun project you can do with the kids, use cookie cutters or metal piping tips to cut out shapes. Roll out some berries or braid long pieces of clay to make the outer edge crust. Make them all unique and choose the best pie amongst the 3 and put a 1st place ribbon on one of them. So, every table with this theme should have 1 winner each.

Pie Baking Contest Centerpiece

The Grill Centerpiece

This centerpiece idea was not something that we bought from a store. This was made with an aluminum pan, spray painted the bottom, 3 aluminium rods, sprayed and tied together and plastic beads glued to the ends of the aluminum rods. The top grill was bought from our local hardware store.

We decided to put marshmallows on sticks to top the whole thing off.

Place the different centerpiece designs on alternating tables

Make sure that no two tables with the same design are close to each other. That is why it is important to have several designs of centerpieces so the table tops would look interesting and dynamic. Have them in different heights. Some should be taller than the rest. I usually do it Like this, small medium and large. The small ones are at least 10 inches tall, the medium ones about 14 inches tall and the tallest at 24 inches tall. It will look better in pictures.

It is ideal to decorate your ceiling!

My go to materials for ceiling decors

I use round balloons, linking balloons and mylar or foil balloons. I also use fabric swags and hanging accents like lanterns.

If you are unable to hang balloons or swags from the ceiling, do not fret, simply concentrate on the table centerpieces, the stage and the pocket areas. That will do just fine. As I have said, it is ideal but not having it will not ruin the party.

Ceiling Design

swags, linking and mylar/ foil balloons
swags, linking and mylar/ foil balloons

Hot air balloon lanterns

Make sure the cake also follows the theme

When having a cake made for your party, bring swatches and a reference

Show your baker the decorations you will be using for the party. Show them swatches so they can see your color scheme. If you have a sketch or basic design of the centerpieces or some of the decorations, show it to them so that they can incorporate some elements into the cake design. I usually do a 3-tiered cake for all my parties just because I like how it looks in pictures

Cake Design

Stage or focal point design

The team made a wooden booth as the focal point of this stage design. In front we had lots of baskets with faux vegetables. We also added a few barrels, wooden crates and jute sack.You can also create a booth or just a shell using a piece of painted plywood. For the canopy, I had mine printed. You can use fabric as well.

Pillar balloons

Qualatex 11" Assorted Standard Latex Balloons (100ct)
Qualatex 11" Assorted Standard Latex Balloons (100ct)
Balloons have always been a big part of all my children’s parties. I use all sorts. Round balloons, long balloons, linking balloons, For the ceiling like what I have done here, I used all linking balloons. Linking balloons are very easy to use and provides a lot of ceiling cover since you can stretch them across. I usually use two to three colors only but, depending on the theme I could go as far as using 12 colors. I can also create a lot of shapes and balloon sculptures. We are able to make animal shapes, pillars, arches or rainbows and so much more. The long balloons on the other hand can be twisted into different characters, animals or things. It usually takes us several hours to blow up all the balloons and install them. So, we are at the party venue at least 8 hours before the start of the party. Together with balloons, I also use mylar or foil balloons. These are beautiful shapes and come in a variety of sizes. These are my accent pieces. Most of the popular themes have their own mylar counterpart, but for a theme like this Sunday Market, I could use a sun or flower shape or cloud shape. Aside from the Mylar, I also used hanging hot air balloon lanterns. In this case, I used 2 colors, pink and blue. It completed the look. Aside from the balloons, the team also installed fabric swags in a carousel formation. This way, we totally covered the entire ceiling. It looks really good in pictures and ties up the entire theme perfectly. For a square or round venue, it is best to do a carousel with the swags and the balloons. If you are dealing with a rectangular room, an Olympic style would be best suited for this.

Complete the look by adding a lot of themed props

Vegetables and fruit props to complete the theme

10 Pieces /Set Artificial Vegetables Simulation Vegetables Decoration Kitchen Home Decor Realistic Fake Vegetables Decor Set Photo Props
10 Pieces /Set Artificial Vegetables Simulation Vegetables Decoration Kitchen Home Decor Realistic Fake Vegetables Decor Set Photo Props
To complete the look of this theme, I recommend some vegetables or fruits. In our case, we used our existing faux vegetables. Since we already had these in our stock, we just cleaned them and arranged them onto the baskets. In our party, we used rectangular wicker baskets, but if those are not something you can easily find, you can also use old wooden crates, barrels, wine boxes or wire baskets. You can also improvise by taking an old box, cover it with jute sack or paint it to look like a basket and use those as your vegetable or fruit containers. It is crucial that all things match, the colors match, the different props match, patterns match, even the souvenirs should match the theme. It will make the party look very cohesive and well put together. The rule is, more is not more, edit along the way. If something looks out of place or looks like it is not helping to build up the theme, then remove it. Sticking to a theme is easy if you already have a plan in mind. Plot out the floor plan and write down the props you would need so anytime you are out and about and see these things, you can get them already. Better yet, the easiest way is to get them online and have them delivered to you. These fruits and vegetables can also be used to decorate pocket decorations. These are small pockets within the venue where some design or theming is setup. By doing this, you distribute the design to other places and the venue will not be too stage heavy. It is also worth decorating areas for guests who aren’t necessarily seated near the front. These also serve as tiny photo op areas for the guests. Again, use accessories to drive the theme. Details are very important.

Side shot of the cake on top of the booth

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