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Decorating a Child’s Room for Christmas

Updated on October 30, 2014

Christmas Ornaments

Blue, Unbreakable Christmas Ornaments make beautiful decorations.
Blue, Unbreakable Christmas Ornaments make beautiful decorations. | Source

My Early Memories of Christmas

I was very young when I first had my own decorations at Christmas. Every year we had a large Christmas tree in the living room, and in order to get the Christmas tree into its stand the bottom branches had to be cut off. One year I was given one of those branches, but it is a little fuzzy whether I asked for it or was given that branch. I was just old enough to not have my little rocking chair in use, so I stood the branch up in the rocking chair. I was given the three Christmas ornaments that were not glass, the only unbreakable ornaments we had. This started my first Christmas decoration. Now, about sixty years later, I still remember this, and it was important.

A More Elaborate Christmas Decoration

The small branch sufficed for a few years, but soon we no longer were getting real Christmas trees. The first artificial Christmas trees were making their impact, and we had one. My branch could be no more. So, I upgraded to a small, about three feet tall, sprayed Christmas tree that was being sold by a local supermarket. My three ornaments were not enough, so I managed to get one each of my mom’s new ornament set, a plastic icicle, a plastic star, and a plastic snowflake ornament. She must have gotten a couple of dozen of each type, and they came in blue and in white. I got two blue ornaments, the icicle and the star, and one white snowflake. I added a short string of lights, the kind when one goes out the entire string goes dark, and a tree topper. And I treasured my small decoration every year.

Children May Not Say What Is Important

I never thought of saying to anyone that this was important, but is certainly was. So, as Christmas approaches, do not assume the elaborate decorations outside, nor the family Christmas tree in the living room or the den, will suffice. Christmas is special for children, and having their own decorations is important. You do not have to spend an additional few hundred dollars, an inexpensive piece or two can do wonders. And, if you can find a small Christmas tree that can be decorated, allowing the child to decorate it alone, no matter how ugly it turns out, can add so much joy to the occasion.

Unbreakable Is the Key

Children do have accidents, and the entire tree might just get tipped over. While this may seem not to be important to your decorating scheme, it can be traumatic to a small child if those special ornaments are broken. I know my ornaments were important. In my case they were even more special than might otherwise be, because they came from my mother. And I am certain they bounced on the ground several times, but they never broke. If one had broken I would have been devastated.

Decorative Night Lights

I went with my wife into a store, something I do not relish doing, and I spotted what I thought was a very fancy string of lights. I looked closely and found there was no wire between them, instead each plugged in by itself. They were beautiful night lights. Adding one or two of these to a child’s bedroom can be a wonderful start. Of course, if the child is too young to be safe around electricity you might want to handle plugging the night light in yourself.

Christmas Tree Night Light

Christmas Tree Night Light
Christmas Tree Night Light

This is a beautiful piece, it is like one I saw. I thought it was the most impressive of the group.


Special Light Sets

My first light set was made special by replacing three of the bulbs with bubble lights. Back in the fifties that was about as fancy as one could get. Now, light covers are possible, since cooler lights do not build up as much heat as the older ones did. One I like to recommend is the Mickey Mouse light set, or Minnie Mouse if you prefer, but others are also available.

A child might not understand what the Yellow Submarine lights are about, but they can be entertaining to the very young. Yes, the Beatles product line includes Christmas decorations.


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