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Gandhi Smrithi, Raj Ghatt and Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum: Tourism in Delhi

Updated on March 2, 2016
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IRSHAD. CV is a graduate in Economics. He loves to travel especially through the villages.

Gandhi Smrithi Photos

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Raj Ghatt

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Indira Gandhi Memorial Museuim

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Delhi tourism is an amazing one since it gives us an opportunity to learn the past of the country and its culture in a detailed manner. Delhi opens wide and wonderful experiences of different periods from ancient to the last few years such as memories of Mughal dynasty, temples, Indian national movement, post interdependent leaders etc. There are sights which says the story of Prime Ministers like Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. Here this hub is aimed to introduce few attractions in Delhi like Gandhi Smrithi, Raj Ghatt and Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum.

Gandhi Smrithi

Gandhi Smrithi is the sight in Delhi where Mahatma Gandhi spent his last 144 days. Gandhi smrithi means the ‘remembrance of Gandhi’. It clearly provided a brief picture of various life incidents of Gandhi. Formerly it was the house of Birla family, so many years back it known as ‘Birla House’ or ‘Birla Madir’. Later it was dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi. And the place was came under the control of government only in 1971 and opened for the public in 1973.

Actually it is the museum which reflects the story of Gandhi as well as the national movement. There is a small column constructed outside, which remember the place where Gandhi assassinated. The column is popularly known as Martyr’s column. There are depicted series of final footsteps of Gandhi. On near to Martyr’s column, a painting can be seen about Gandhi and his different events. Further many articles and rare pictures of colonial rule and national movements are depicted on the way to the Martyr’s column. There is a museum called ‘Eternal Gandhi Multimedia Museum’ launched in 2005. It welcomes the visitors in to a world to familiarize Mahatma Gandhi with the support of electronic media. On the ground floor of the museum, many articles and pictures represented about Gandhi, other leaders and freedom struggles’ story. A valuable collection of Gandhian books are also showcased there. Another attraction of museum is the exhibition of video about various life incidents of Gandhi including his assassination. On the first floor of the museum, many Gandhian related articles, pictures, paintings, sculpturing and other things like Chakra, train etc are exhibited. In fact, the museum is more useful for those who are interested to learn about Gandhi and his life.

Raj Ghat

Raj Ghat is another sight remembering Mahatma Gandhi. It is located near Yamuna River and very close to Mahatma Gandhi Road. Gandhi’s cremation did at Raj Ghat in 31 January 1948, after a day of his assassination. This is a cool place where blessed with natural beauties. The place is marked with black marble. Visitors can enter to this area after removing footwear. There are many other memories can be seen at Raj Gaht.

Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum

Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum is another attraction in Delhi. It is a bunglav and a peaceful gallery in Delhi. Indira Gandhi lived in this sight and it converted in to museum after her assassination on 31st October 1984 by her own bodyguards. The museum helps the visitors to learn about Gnadhi-Nehru family. The museum shows many belongings of Indira Gandhi including her childhood to death. It is a heart touching gallery and a tribute to Indira Gandhi. She began to stay here after the death of her father Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in 1964. She was the Prime Minister of India for about 15 years and functioned for some other important ministries’ role also.

Entry to this museum is free. Its environment is so cool with the beauty of natural trees and attracting flowers and garden. There depicted many belongings and photos. And also many newspaper cuttings showcased there. Each of them has rarely taste. Photo collection includes various events of Indira Gandhi like Indira’s marriage, international programs, election campaigning etc. Every thing ensures her international fame and popularity. Further the museum familiarize he personal and family life too. There are collection of Indira Gandhi’s ornaments, stone collections, bags, dresses, books and more. The museum consists of living room and library room of Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Both these rooms are not altered, it is as such when she assassinated. Her Sari is showcased which she wore at the time of her assassination.

The museum also familiarize about her son, Rajiv Gandhi, later who become the Prime Minister of India. His rare photos are showcased including his marriage, childhood, belongings, public and family life photos etc. His burnt clothes and shoes is another memory which wore at the time of his assassination on 1991 May.

On the outside of the museum, Indira Gandhi’s assassination point is marked with black colors with a few meters of distance. The museum is completely protected and secure from natural hazards even fire since its construction is highly advanced one. Finally, visitors can also buy books and other things from there with Indian national emblem or symbol like Key chain, pen, T-shirts and more…


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