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Digger Birthday Cake

Updated on February 6, 2017

Easy, Quick and Flop Proof

Are you pressed for time as a Mom? Your kid has a birthday coming up and you have a thousand things on your plate but baking that special birthday cake is something you have done for years. You just wish you could create an amazing cake with SO little effort. Well I'm here to tell you that you can.This is easiest birthday cake I have ever made for any of my kids. It literally takes minutes to put together. Granted, I did not bake the cake as I had no time - I cheated and bought two mud cakes from the store (yes, even this is acceptable for this cake). However if you insist on making your own cake (which I usually do) it is still a very easy and quick cake to put together. Out of all the cakes I have made as a Mom, this one was a true success and it didn't require too much effort. The joy on my little guy's face when he saw it was too delightful and the bonus was that he got to keep and play with all the diggers once the last crumb was devoured. This cake is a creative mom's heaven - you actually get to break up the cake and have some fun. This is also the perfect cake for moms who do not consider themselves bakers and are terrified every time they have to come up with a birthday cake idea, in fear their cake will be a flop. The more you excavate the cake, the better it looks - so simple and such fun - it truly is flop proof.



  • Chocolate Cake - a darker, richer cake works better - make it from scratch, from a box or buy it as I did.
  • Chocolate Icing - If you've made your cake, you will need to cover it with lashings of chocolatey, gooey icing.
  • A set of small diggers - I bought mine from from a local store for $8 and this included at least four diggers.
  • Lollies/candy that look like rocks or bricks - I used honeycomb covered in chocolate and malted balls. Blocks of dairy milk chocolate, or any other interesting candy works well too.
  • You need a dollop of imagination and enthusiasm so as to not worry about destroying your cake - the messier the better!

The Bumper Book of Kids Birthday Cakes
The Bumper Book of Kids Birthday Cakes

A wonderful collection of birthday cakes for boys and girls - from the old favourites to new recipes and ideas. A timeless collection every Mum should own.



  1. If you baked your cakes, ice them when they are cool.
  2. Take one of the round cakes and cut a moon sliver from the one side. Place it at the back of the other cake to make your base a little bigger. Place the remaining cake on top to create another level.
  3. If you baked your cake in a rectangular tin, I would suggest you cut the back quarter off to place on top to give you the second level.
  4. Decide where you want to place your diggers before you begin breaking up your cake.
  5. Then simply make some holes in your cake to create a construction site. This is one time when cake crumbs are totally acceptable and make it look more authentic. Save the pieces you dig out to place inside Tipper trucks or around the base of the cake.
  6. Place your diggers in their correct places.
  7. Add candy/lollies to your cake. You can build up a construction wall (I did not even bother with this) out of chocolate blocks on the base, add Maltesers and chocolate covered honeycomb or any other candy that will add character to your construction site.
  8. Finally step back and admire your work!
The Super Mom's Guide to Simply Super Sweets and Treats for Every Season: 80 Cakes, Cookies, Pies, and Snacks for Perfectly Imperfect Moms
The Super Mom's Guide to Simply Super Sweets and Treats for Every Season: 80 Cakes, Cookies, Pies, and Snacks for Perfectly Imperfect Moms

Kid's Treats for the busy Mum who has no time - numerous creative ideas, many that require no baking. Perfect for that party and a time saver.


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