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Dinosaur Party for Kids

Updated on March 31, 2016
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Jaynie has extensive experience with party and event planning, having planned events for groups between 20 and 600 people.

Planning the Perfect Dinosaur Themed Party

Kids love dinosaurs. They always have, so planning a dinosaur themed birthday party for your child's birthday party is a sure-fire recipe for success. You don't have to know much about dinosaurs to make this party fun, you simply need to know children. I planned a dinosaur themed party for my daughter's fifth birthday. There were about 12 children and each had a wonderful time. I hope that by sharing the ideas we used, you will be able to replicate this party for your own kids and enjoy it as much as we did.


Since this is a dinosaur theme party, you'll want your invitations to offer a hint of the fun that awaits. Choose preprinted dinosaur invitations or better yet, make your own. You can make outstanding dinosaur shaped invitations out of colorful construction paper or using craft foam paper. Print the details of your party on one side, and decorate the other side to look like the face of your favorite or most scary dinosaur. A few favorite patterns for homemade invitations include T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Styracosaurus, dinosaur footprints, dinosaur skeletons, and more.


Your party can be simple. Allowing kids to nosh on dinosaur treats is a great way to maintain the theme. Favorites include dinosaur cookies and dinosaur jello eggs. To make the cookies, you'll need your favorite sugar cookie recipe, vanilla frosting and green food coloring, mini chocolate chips, miniature gumdrops and dinosaur shaped cookie cutters. Stegosaurus shaped cookies make the really fun treats. Simply cut out the prepared cookie dough into dinosaur shapes and bake. Mix desired amount of green food coloring into frosting and spread onto cooled cookies. Slice gumdrops into small rounds and place a different colored one onto the spike of each stegosaurus cookie. Finish by placing a miniature chocolate chip into the eye of the dinosaur.

To make jello eggs you'll need a plastic jello egg mold. Make lime jello according to package directions. While still in liquid form, with jello mix fully dissolved, use turkey baster to fill egg molds and place in refrigerator until solid.

Cookies and jello eggs make great finger foods because they are delicious and generate minimal mess.

When it comes time for cake, chocolate is best! Bake your chocolate cake, and allow to cool. Mix more vanilla frosting with green food coloring. Crush oreo cookies, minus the creme filling, onto the cake top, to look like dirt. Insert small plastic dinosaur toys into the cake to decorate. You might add green and black jelly beans to look like dinosaur eggs. You may also add plastic palm trees and other accents of your choice.

No list of treats is complete without refreshing beverages. Lime Kool-aid is a favorite with kids and fits in with the color of your theme. You might also consider making Lava treats, which are simply chocolate shakes with whipped cream topping.

Art Project

Kids love to draw and color, especially kids between the ages of 4-7. By designing an art project that allows kids to exercise their incredible creativity, you'll be able to have a keepsake of your party that will last a lifetime. You'll need an extra large roll of brown packaging paper and several magic markers, colored pencils, and crayons. Draw the outline of a large dinosaur or two onto the paper. You may also add a few other accents such as the outlines of trees or rocks, but leave most of the paper free so that kids can unleash their creativity. Stretch the paper across an open wall space or smooth floor and tape it down on all four corners. The only instructions the kids should get is to have fun coloring. At our party, the kids made extra trees, dinosaur eggs, rocks, grass, the sun, rainbows, clouds, baby dinosaurs and more. They were 100% occupied without intervention for a half an hour and loved every minute of it. If you are concerned about kids coloring outside the edges of the paper, you may tape cellophane or Saran Wrap to the wall beneath the brown paper so that it extends beyond the edges and protects your wall or floor.

Story Time

Kids also love story time and it makes for a quiet activity that kids and adults can enjoy together. Whether you enjoy this at the start or end of your party, it's a simple and enjoyable part of your dinosaur theme. We chose, Can I Have a Stegosauras, Mom? Can I, Please? by Lois G. Grambling.

Dinosaur Egg Hunt

Now it's time to make up your own story. Tell the kids about the dinosaur you saw in your backyard earlier that morning. The only way dinosaurs would come into the city (or whatever community you live in) is to lay eggs. You suspect that there are likely dinosaur eggs hidden in your backyard. Now it's time for the kids to seek out the eggs and bring them inside. To keep safe, just in case the dinosaurs come back, they should wear dinosaur masks This is when you present the dinosaur masks that you have purchased or made, to the children. We made our masks using craft foam paper and hot glue. The patterns were drawn free-hand using pictures from a dinosaur book. We used wooden paint stir sticks on which to mount the masks, and the kids held them up, but you might also use elastic string and staples to create masks that can be affixed to the child's face.

Give each child a bag in which to drop the eggs they find. Each egg that is hidden in your yard should be stuffed with a small prize. That makes it fun for the kids to find them. You can use plastic Easter eggs. Prizes should include dinosaur themed prizes like bouncy balls with dinosaurs inside, dinosaur tattoos, small plastic dinosaur toys and other miniature prizes. Most party supply stores have great prizes. You can also visit

Be sure to hide enough eggs so that each child has the opportunity to find at least a minimal amount of your choosing. To make it fair, you may want to instruct the kids that once they have found the requisite number of eggs, they are done, but they can help their friends. After the hunt is over, the kids can have fun opening their eggs and claiming their prizes.


If you're fortunate enough to have a sandbox on your property, or the park where your party is being held, having a dino-dig is a great way to add fun to your party. Provide a few small shovels or other digging implements to help the kids search the sand for prizes.

Great prizes may include plastic dinosaur figures and more plastic eggs with small prizes inside. If you are looking for egg-stuffer ideas, consider dinosaur tattoos, keychains, small precious stones or fossils, dinosaur rings or necklaces, and gumballs or small candies. You might also hide bone replicas and fossils to make your dig feel a bit more authentic. Allow the kids to keep the small prizes, though you may wish to keep the bones for future parties or Halloween decorations.

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