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Build a Disney Christmas Village!

Updated on April 17, 2013

Bring a bit of the Magic Kingdom into your home this Christmas!

Dept. 56, well known for their high quality holiday buildings and figurines, has created a series featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse and their friends engaging in holiday activities. If you love Disney characters (and really, who doesn't right?), you can build an adorable Christmas village with scenes such as Minnie's Bakery and Pluto's Pet Shop, among many others. These modules also make wonderful gifts if you are searching for something special for a Disney lover.

Images courtesy of Amazon


Department 56 Disney Village Lit House Mickey's Castle

What is the old saying: a man's home is his castle?

Well, here is Mickey's Castle! No Disney Christmas Village is complete without the mouse that started it all! His stylish two story has stone on the bottom floor with a red upper story that contrasts nicely with the bright green tile roof. The iconic mouse ears on the second story mark this as "Mickey's Castle." The building is dusted with glistening snow and out front, there is a Christmas tree and a snowman adding a festive winter flair to complete the scene. Includes a light and power cord.

Department 56 Disney Village Lit House Minnie's Bakery

The sweetest spot in Mickey's Village, Minnie's Bakery is topped with a cherry and home to all of the yummiest Christmas treats. A gingerbread man stands by to greet guests as they come in from the cold. You can almost smell the cookies and sweet treats being baked up by Minnie!

Minnie's Bakery is decorated in the same colors as those used on Mickey's Castle, so they will look great together. Minnie's Bakery comes with a light to provide illumination from the inside.

Department 56 Disney Village Accessory Figurine Minnie Decorating Cookies

This figurine is the perfect complement to Minnie's Bakery. Minnie is ready to make a delivery with her basket in hand full of cookies in the shape of Mickey. The cookies look just like the ones you can buy at Disneyland! Minnie is stylishly dressed as always with her bright red bow and her red heels along with her baking apron.

Department 56 Disney Village Accessory Figurine Minnie's Pies

Here is another image of Minnie that works well with the bakery theme. Here, she is holding a freshly baked pie with a cherry on top. This time, Minnie is dressed to stay warm with a jacket and scarf. Her pink bow matches her shoes and is adorned with a sprig of holly.

Department 56 Disney Village Lit House Mickey's Ski Chalet

There is no mistaking that this establishment belongs to Mickey Mouse, with the large mouse ears prominently displayed atop the turret. According to the sign, this ski and skate chalet also serves as a "warming house" where Mickey and the gang can warm up after playing in the snow and have a cup of hot cocoa in front of a roaring fire. Right outside the door, there is a handy bench where skiers can sit for a moment to remove their skis before going inside.

Department 56 Disney Village Accessory Figurine Ice Skating

Disney Christmas Village buildings are not complete without coordinating figurines. This one shows Mickey and Minnie taking a spin on the frozen pond in their ice skates. Minnie is as graceful as a swan while Mickey is showing off his fancy moves.

Department 56 Disney Village Accessory Figurine Goofy Takes A Tumble

And here is Goofy, being goofy, as usual. Goofy is having trouble keeping his skis straight - it looks like he needs a few more skiing lessons before he leaves the bunny slopes. Maybe he should stick to staying inside and drinking hot chocolate! Add a little humor to your Disney arrangement with this comical view of Goofy face planted in the snow with his hat askew and a happy grin on his face.


Department 56 North Pole Village Miniature Lit Building Mickey's Ears Factory

This Disney Christmas Village is a must-have for anyone who has ever had Mickey Mouse ears stitched with their name. This delightful building features the factory where Mickey Mouse ears are made and shows how the ear shaped hats come out of the "shape-o-matic" ready to be stitched.

This high-quality porcelain building was first introduced in January of 2011 and is hand crafted and hand painted. Buy yours now before they are all gone!

Disney Village from Department 56 Mickey's Ice Cream Shop

Ice Cream is one of my favorite treats so I just love this ice cream shop building. The style is retro and reminds me of a fifites diner - the ear shaped windows are a nice touch. Mickey's Ice Cream Shop boasts that it serves 40 different flavors of ice cream so there should be something for everyone. It is styled for the holidays with a festively decorated tree, holiday greenery and a welcoming wreath on the door.

Disney Village from Department 56 Mickey Serving Ice Cream

Add this charming figure of Mickey wearing a diner hat and carrying a tray of yummy ice cream cones ready for the kids to take and eat. It looks like the mouse to the left has decided on chocolate chip while the other mouse is still pondering his choices.

Disney Village from Department 56 Pluto Sneaking Ice Cream

Pluto has the last laugh here, I think! While Huey and Dewey are lauging at poor Louie for dropping his ice cream, Pluto snuck up behind them and stole their ice cream right off the cone!

Department 56 Disney Village Goofy's Gas Station Lit House 5.71-Inch

I have always had a soft spot for Goofy because he is so good-natured and lovable. He is the proud proprietor of this charming full-service gas station. This beautifully painted porcelain building has fun details such as the garage doors with the word"HONK" on them, a sign indicating that candy is sold inside, and of course a prominently placed image of Goofy's smiling face. If only gasoline was still 33 cents a gallon.

Department 56 Disney Village Goofy for Gas Village Accessory 3.625-Inch

Goofy is ready to get to work! He is doffing his hat with one hand to say hello and he is carrying window cleaning tools in the other, ready to pump gas, reminiscent of the old fashioned service stations where you received full service with a smile!

Department 56 Disney Village Mickey's Holiday Express

Mickey, Minnie and Plute are all aboard the Holiday Express! This charming figurine is perfectly sized to coordinate with the larger Department 56 Disney Village buildings and accessories./span>

Department 56 Disney Village Accessory Figurine Christmas Carols in Front of Tree

I hope these guys sing better than I do. Even though I can't carry a tune, one of my favorite holiday activities is singing Christmas carols. This cute figural piece depicts Goofy, Donald Duck and his nephews gathered around a Christmas tree with their voices raised in song.

Department 56 Disney Village Accessory Figurine The 3 Mouseketeers

Of all of the accessory figures, I think this one is my favorite! Mickey has built a cute snow family all wearing Mickey Mouse ears. He has used lumps of coal to make faces and the arms are made of twigs.

Disney Village Accessories

Add special details to your Department 56 Disney Village with the Disney themed accessories shown below. The lightposts, picket fence, trellis, and topiary are carefully crafted to coordinate with the other components of the Disney Village collection and incorporate the iconic Mickey Mouse ears branding.

The last two items are more general items to help you decorate your village. Trees are always a great addition to a Christmas villlage, no matter the theme and the lighting accessory makes it easier to connect the various lighted components of your village. It will connect up to nine buildings and three accessories on one power strip that is easy to turn on and off.

Department 56 Disney Village Mickey Street Lights General Accessory 4.375-Inch

Department 56 Disney Village Mickey Fence Village Accessory 1.875-Inch

Department 56 Disney Village Mickey Trellis General Accessory 3-1/2-Inch

Department 56 Disney Village Mickey Topiary General Accessory 2.375-Inch

Department 56 Village Cross Product Winter Pines

Department 56 Building-and-Accessory Lighting System

More Disney Themed Christmas decorations!

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      Doc_Holliday 3 years ago

      These will be great fun for the kids.

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      Funkysi 4 years ago

      Great lans, thank you. I must save it for my daughter.

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      Lorelei Cohen 6 years ago from Canada

      This one is delightful...great feature topic.

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      Great lens! What an adorable selection of Disney village pieces!

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      This is a delightful selection of Disney themed items!