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Disney Descendants Evie Costume Ideas

Updated on October 15, 2015

From Rotten to the Core to Fairest of them All

Disney Descendants movie brought the character of the daughter of the Evil Queen, Evie, to life. Brought up to follow in her mother's evil ways this second generation villain was vain and concerned with finding a prince until she was afforded the opportunity to leave the Isle of the Lost and travel to Auradon.

Aurodon Prep is the school where Evie found the strength to defy the Evil Queen. It is through this journey in a new world, filled with magic, that she is able to realize she is more than a pretty face. She is smart, sweet and talented.

Through out the journey we see travel through different fashion statements. We see her edgier look on the Isle of the Lost, her school look at Auradon Prep and her Princess look at the Coronation.

Lost Isle Descendants Evie's Appearance

To transform yourself into Evie you will need to give your tresses a makeover. You could purchase a character wig or just style your own hair to get the look. As Evie has blue hair with some black in it you will have use a color hair spray to get the look. Make sure if you would like to keep to her Isle of the Lost look you will need to take two thin braids on top of your head and pull them back to form a v shape.

Another important note is that Evie's hair is longer and has a wavy texture so you will want to add some loose curls to your own mane. Evie's hair is thicker so you will want to add some volume to your own hair as well. Blow drying your hair upside down before styling will help add some volume to thin hair.

The princess does wear a gold necklace. The pendent is a jeweled red heart with a golden crown on it. If you are doing a homemade costume you will want to consider constructing your own necklace. Perhaps find a crown pendent that you could had a red heart to create the look.

An inexpensive option for Evie's necklace is to craft it out of cardboard or construction paper. Take a red heart and glue it to a yellow or gold colored crown with glue. If using construction paper coat it will a layer of mod podge to stiffen out your cardboard pendant. Finally, take an old chain or some gold string and using a glue gun attach the crown. The above is a simple project that will give your costume the character recognition it will need.

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Descendant Makeup Look

Evie loves fashion and make up so it is only right to spice up your costume with a little eyeshadow and blush. Evie loves the blue pallet so you will want to sweep some blue shadow over the eye lid and perhaps add some liner for an edgier look. This can be seen in the video that follows below.

Evie's Make-Up

Costume Dress

For your Evie costume you will want to have a blue long sleeved shirt that you can layer with a half bell sleeved blue and black jacket. I have also see costumes without the jacket that are more easily constructed by wearing a darker shade of blue t-shirt over the top of the long sleeved jacket.

If you are having trouble finding something to work as the jacket considering pairing your long sleeved shirt with a short flutter sleeved blue top to get Evie's fashion. I have seen other costumes for Evie designed this way and they work equally as well.

Her skirt appears to be an A line construction. The material looks leather. The design is very urban which features blotches of pain colors with random letter and numbers. A black A line skirt can be dressed up with some fabric paint. You can use the paint to stamp on letters and numbers to finish the skirt.

There are a couple more costume pieces needed to make the transformation into Evie complete. First Evie wears spider web styled leggings with her outfit; though, if you cannot find a pair plain black would do the job. You will want to pair the leggings with combat boots. In addition Evie wears black gloves fingerless gloves around her wrists and hands. Which reveals her dark painted nails. A blue or black color will work equally as well.

Auradon Prep

Schools In Costume

As the daughter of the Evil Queen, Evie, is a princess. Her royal status is very important to her and she wears her tiara regularly at school; usually with blue hair down. One of Evie's loves is fashion and sewing. It is thought much of the princess' clothing would be self made. Evie is credited with sewing and designing Mal's gown at the Coronation Ball.

Evie wears many different outfits as she attends Auradon Prep. One of my favorite outfits she wears is a simple white shirt that states "Fairest." I love the simple puffed blue and red capped sleeves that appear on the t-shirt. The sleeves draw images of Snow White's famous gown. The fairest shirt is actually available at

While I like the simple black skirt paired with the shirt in the picture the movie actually shows Evie wearing a teal skirt with the shirt so if you want a more true look you may want to choose that way.

Remember you can also get inspiration for your Evie costume from the other outfits she sports in the film.

Descendants Set it Off - See the Coronation Dress

Coronation Cosplay

You bet Evie made her own coronation gown. Her gown is a vibrant blue with a golden lace sleeveless top.

A short matching blue caplet with a high collar accompanies the dress. The dress has lots of movement as it is constructed with many triangle shaped pieces.

This may be one of the easiest looks to get. You could pull a royal blue dress from your closet. It would not have to be an exact replica as long as your pair it with the other key features like her hair color, tiara, necklace.

Along with her coronation dress Evie has her golden tiara on. She also wears her red heart with crown necklace. The red color offsets her blue dress nicely. Her shoes are a golden color pair of heels.

To create the look inexpensively you could pick up an old blue prom dress at goodwill and a tiara and gold heels. Do not forget the blue hair to complete the costume.

Costume Checklist

Isle of the Lost
Auradon Prep
Coronation Ball
fairiest shirt
blue dress with gold lace neck
blue hair with thin braids
heart necklace
blue hair
blue jacket with leather skirt
teal skirt
spider web leggings
gold heels
finger less gloves
heart necklace


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