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Disney Frozen Birthday Party Ideas (& Supplies)

Updated on January 2, 2014

All you need to throw a Frozen birthday party!

It's time to celebrate with Elsa and Anna and all other cool Disney Frozen characters! This party theme is more than perfect for cold winter months but it will also cool down the heat in the summer.

If you're still looking for ideas on how to plan for Disney Frozen party you've come to the right place as I've got lots of ideas to share - from how to make a Frozen cake, which party supplies to use to cool game ideas to keep the little guests entertained.

Browse Disney Frozen Party Supplies

Disney Frozen Party Supplies

Whenever I plan a party the first thing I check out of my shopping list are party supplies. I always order extra, especially cups as kids tend to tear them apart, drop them on the floor or find other means to destroy a few.

As this is a Disney movie there are official party supplies available and I think they are adorable.

If you don't want to go with the official set you can get blue and white party supplies, the ones with snowflakes or with snowman - all of these will work great for this party.

Next We Need a Few Frozen Cake Ideas

Serve a great birthday cake and people will be talking about the party for weeks. When it comes to party themes from animated movies I use cake toppers most of the time as they allow me to create a magical themed cake with not allot of effort which also gives me more time for other things.

The 23 piece cake topper gives a lot of space for creativity as it has all of the main characters as well as some scenery toppers which will allow you to make a cake that looks like it will come to life. Not to mention the birthday girl or a boy will be happy as they'll be keeping the fancy looking figurines.

Awesome Frozen Birthday Cake
Awesome Frozen Birthday Cake | Source

Another Frozen Cake Topper

If you like things to be less busy there's another clever cake topper out there. It features Anna and Elsa on a rotating ring which will make this one interesting for the kids. It also has Olaf and comes with 3 snowflake rings.

Simple Frozen cake topper, great results
Simple Frozen cake topper, great results | Source

Do your kids like Anna or Elsa?

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Why Not Make a Snowflake Cake

Snowflake cake is perfect for a Frozen Birthday party.
Snowflake cake is perfect for a Frozen Birthday party. | Source

One snowflake, two snowflakes...

You can easily make a winter wonderland as all you need is a few snowflake plungers and fondant (you can use only white or you can combine different colors).

If you're doing just the cake you can pipe the frosting in the shape of snowflakes (or just one giant snowflake) but if you're doing cupcakes to I really, really recommend getting a plunger as it will only take you a few minutes to decorate as many cupcakes as your heart desires.

Snowflake cupcakes? Yes Please!


Frozen Party Décor

It's all about snow! I've got a few ideas on how you can decorate the room for this party!

  • official decorations - the banner is pretty awesome
  • if you've got any leftover snow spray from Christmas this is the time to use it
  • paper snowflakes!
  • popcorn strings
  • insta-snow
  • blue and white curtains
  • make the snow hills and tress out of cardboard (add Olaf)
  • disco ball!
  • blue and white balloons

Popcorn Strings
Popcorn Strings | Source

Frozen Party Game Ideas

Last but not least you will need games to entertain the little ones. While classic party games are a hit at any party something more themed is in order and these are some of the ideas.

  • indoors snowball fight - you can get fake snowballs that feel much like the real ones! Kids will love this and it's mess free. You can also get inflatable snow forts to give the kids a place from where to throw the snowballs (you can also make the cardboard ones).
  • pin the carrot on Olaf (pin the tail on the donkey)
  • Ice Sculptures (Simon Says) - this is a Frozen friendly variation of Simon Says - one kid or adult takes the lead and calls an animal and other kids position themselves like ice sculptures of that animal
  • paper snowflake making
  • make ice globes from mason jars
  • coloring pages

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