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Disney World Celebrates Mickey Mouse Birthday on Nov 18th

Updated on September 15, 2011
Disney World Celebrates Mickey Mouse Birthday
Disney World Celebrates Mickey Mouse Birthday

Mickey Mouse Birthday

Do you know that our most favorite cartoon character and Disney’s creation Mickey Mouse was born on the November 18th? Indeed after his birth Mickey Mouse nor its creator Disney ever had to look back and it was all a life full of triumph and pomp as our favorite Mickey had very well acquired star status.

Mickey’s stardom

Added to this within a very short span of time Mickey became an international figure who had very captured stardom along with many noted superstars worldwide. It was probably one of the best cartoon characters ever recorded in the cartoon history that Mickey’s legacy even continues still now and has got many fans that fall under all the age categories. When Mickey Mouse was created by Walt Disney it started a real and a really undisputed revolution in the cartoon field and many became really awestruck seeing a talking mouse on the screen. Ever since that Mickey has not only remained as a character in the cartoons worldwide but also has become a star character in comic books and also in the form of children’s toys , greeting cards, caricatures and other related memorabilia and theme parks worldwide.

Mickey Mouse Theme Parks

Due to his enormous success Walt Disney created two theme parks Disneyland and also Disney world where one can see caricatures and also many forms of Mickey Mouse along with other Disney cartoon characters who turn out to be real life characters amusing people and children who visit the parks. Such is the stardom that Mickey has acquired ever since its inception that there is virtually none who could very well replace its fame and popularity. Ever since its creator Walt Disney had shaped the character of Mickey stardom followed Mickey Mouse all along the way and it remains as a cartoon character that has very well caught the imagination and fancy of the worldwide fan community. Mickey Mouse has become a real icon and its status is undoubtedly irreplaceable in the books of History and in the Cartoon field. If certain things are reviewed then surely it will be very well seen that there are very few parallels in the cartoon field who has become so popular within a short span of time and also who has so many fan followers worldwide.

Remembering Mickey Mouse

To mark the birth of such an icon is it not fit to celebrate the birthday of our star Mickey Mouse who has given us so many laughable and enjoyable experiences. So worldwide let us join together and consider this as a very big occasion for celebrating the birth of our darling cartoon star the one and only Mickey Mouse. The word Mickey brings joy and happiness to our minds and also to children’s mind and it is for this very reason that Mickey Mouse still remains in the heart and minds of millions of people across the globe. Celebrating Mickey Mouse birthday on the 18th of November every year could be surely considered as a fitting reply to mark the birth of a legend and also as a tribute to his creator Walt Disney.


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