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Disney's Frozen Party Ideas & Free Printables

Updated on June 12, 2015

Frozen is this decades mega girls Disney movie hit and having a Frozen themed party will thrill most young girls this coming birthday!

Included below are recipes, tutorials, party ware to buy online, party photo's for inspiration as well as free party printables.

I hope this page is a very helpful resource for you.

Choose a Base Theme and go from there.

The wonderful thing about your little girl choosing a Disney Frozen themed party is that it can be as simple or as detailed as you like.

For simplicity go with blue or white only as your overall color theme and get all your party wares to be in the same color. Or choose Snow as your constant theme and use snowflakes for decoration and food shapes and use white and blue as your base colors.

Having snow or blue and white as your base means you only need a few Disney Frozen props to tie it all together (The extra large foil helium balloons are perfect for this - see below)

Just remember to constantly keep your base theme in mind when choosing what to make for your party food and decorations and you'll find at the end of it all you've created a stunning party that your daughter will smile all day over!

This massive Olaf Snowman (the height of a young child) Foil Balloon also comes with Frozen stickers.

Free Pin the Nose on Olaf Frozen Printable


This party from Catch My Party is stunning! Tons of ideas for you!


Another gorgeous Frozen party table to give you inspiration


Free Disney Frozen Printable Labels/Stickers

Courtesy of Girl Inspired Blog
Courtesy of Girl Inspired Blog | Source

Dozens of free Frozen Movie Party Printables here for you!

Included on this site of FREE freebies you'll find (click on link under image below):

Frozen Party Favor Boxes

Frozen Party Cupcake Wrappers

Frozen Printable Invites

Frozen Movie Clip Art

Frozen Triangle Bunting

Frozen Pillow Boxes

Frozen Party Bingo Game

Elsa's Crown

plus so much more (there is over 5 pages of freebies for you to search through!)


Dress your party girl up to match her Frozen Princess party theme!

How to make Olaf Frozen Treats (Tutorial)

I adore this idea - and so easy!! Just draw faces on cheese sticks and add a scarf!


You could make some Olaf Apples like you get at Disneyland?


Make Fondant Character Cake Toppers

Using fondant is just like using polymer clay or plasticine. Buy white fondant and color it with coloring (must use gel or powder coloring) or buy pre-made colored fondants and have fun modelling your own cake or cupcake toppers. I've done it before and it's lots of fun...quite easy too. I think an easy option would be to just make Olaf cupcake toppers cause all you would need is 3 colors and you can easily make balls for his body. Making Anna and Elsa is a much trickier option and I wouldn't recommend it unless you're feeling up for a challenge.

Olaf cake pops with other white and blue cake pops would be a smash hit no doubt!


Here's a fabulous & easy Disney Frozen party dessert / treat table idea!

Courtesy of Paulina Leon
Courtesy of Paulina Leon | Source

Recipe/Tutorial for making these Olaf Marshmallow Cracker Treats via the link below this image...

Courtesy of She Knows Australia
Courtesy of She Knows Australia | Source

Here's a recipe for making fun and easy melted Olaf desserts! Use Yoghurt or Ice Cream

Courtesy of Made By A Princess
Courtesy of Made By A Princess | Source

Free Disney Frozen Coloring Page Printables

Coloring Sheets can not only make great placemats on the girls party table but if you add a jar of pencils or crayons in the center of the table they can also have fun coloring in the pages too if they wish.


Use this Olaf Tea Party set for the girls to play with at the party.

Here's an Easy Disney Frozen Movie Cake Idea!

All you need is a styrofoam cone, foil, toothpicks and cake pops/eclairs/cupcakes!

Actually Marshmallows would not only be super easy but they'd look great too! Drizzle some melted white chocolate down the sides for extra flavor and effect.

To really add some wow factor to your party table, make two - one for either side of the table, they'd look fantastic.


Free Frozen Olaf Printable Papercraft Figure


Easy Olaf Goodie Bags using white paper bags


Video Tutorial of how to make an Olaf Snowman Pinata

Step by Step Tutorial for Making a Three Tiered Disney Frozen Cake - Part 1

Step by Step Tutorial for Making a Three Tiered Disney Frozen Cake - Part 2

How to make Frozen inspired Snowflake Cake Pops

Check out all the wonderful Disney Frozen Postage Stamps


Easily make snowflake shaped cookies with this quality cookie cutter

© 2014 Pip Gerard

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