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Disney's Tangled Rapunzel Birthday Party Ideas and Supplies

Updated on February 9, 2015

Awesome Rapunzel Birthday Party Supplies!

You must have seen the latest Disney animated flick Tangled. If your kids enjoyed it, then rest assured they would want a Rapunzel themed (Tangled) birthday party up next.

Character themed birthday parties are very popular nowadays which is why Tangled Rapunzel birthday party supplies are so in demand. To go along with the theme maybe you can wear costumes similar to the ones shown in the flick. It would be great fun for the kids to see Rapunzel all around them!

On this page, you will see some of the best Tangled Rapunzel birthday party ideas and supplies. Enjoy!

Tangled Rapunzel Birthday Party Invitations

First up, you need to select a birthday invitation card that goes along with your Tangled Rapunzel birthday theme. Here are two of the best looking Rapunzel birthday invitations available online.


Tangled Rapunzel Party Plates, Napkins, Cups

You can get some of the best Rapunzel Party plates, cups, napkins -- the entire party set at Amazon.

Get the entire Rapunzel party pack from Amazon for a discount. You will get napkins, paper cups, plates and more with this standard pack. This is all you need if you are going to host a Rapunzel Tangled birthday party. The standard pack comes in two variations - a party pack for 8 and a party pack for 16 people. It includes everything from Rapunzel themed plates, invitations, ribbons to rolls. A discounted offer considering you get so much for so little.

Rapunzel Tangled Birthday Cake Toppers

Add that special Tangled touch to your birthday cake by using these Rapunzel tangled cake toppers!

If you are going to host a decorative birthday cake topper then the Rapunzel Tangled birthday cake topper from Amazon is a good buy! Rapunzel's hair covers most of the cake. Really cute! This licensed cake decorating topper can be easily placed on top of your cake. The backdrop adds to the overall look of the cake topper.

The Best Rapunzel Tangled Birthday Cake Toppers

Rapunzel Tangled Birthday Balloons

Decorate all the rooms of your house up with fun and colorful Tangled balloons! What is a birthday party without balloons right?

Rapunzel Tangled balloons to decorate your Rapunzel themed party. Ihe Tangled mylar balloon is of 18 inch and a pretty one to look at! There are many Rapunzel Tangled balloons out there but without a doubt this is my own personal favorite. It's fun, colorful and cheap! You can buy it from Amazon.

Disney Tangled Rapunzel Birthday Banner and Stickers

You have balloons set all over, why not include this pretty Disney Tangled Rapunzel birthday banner too? You can also buy stickers to stick onto gifts or presents for guests.

This type of birthday banner is perfect for a Rapunzel themed birthday party. It is made of plastic with the words 'Happy Birthday' on it. What is a Rapunzel themed party without an appropriate birthday banner hung across the wall? This Rapunzel birthday banner is the most prettiest looking one out there. A recommended buy.

The Best Rapunzel Birthday Banner and Sticker

Rapunzel Tangled Party Favors

Looking for unique favors to give out to your guests?

The best party favor kit to give to your guests on a Rapunzel themed birthday party. Includes a variety of acessories and stickers to make any guest happy! In this set you will find stickers, hair brush, mirror, bracelet and a ring which are officially licensed by Disney. An authentic Disney party favor kit. Here are some options --

The Best Disney Tangled Party Favor 2011

Rapunzel Costumes and Wigs

You can add a special touch to your Rapunzel tangled birthday party by sporting wigs and costumes that go along with the theme. You get a variety of stuff on Amazon that will cater to these needs.

What's Rapunzel without her long hair? You can dress up as Rapunzel but your look will be simply incomplete without the wig. Here's the best Rapunzel wig for you! Show off your uber long tresses with this ultimate Rapunzel wig. Liked by customers worldwide, your little princess will certainly be the center of attraction adorning this main Rapunzel accessory!

The Best Rapunzel Wig/Hair Piece for Kids

Disney Rapunzel Accessories for Kids

Now that you have got the costumes all figured out, you need to make use of some accessories to complete the look.

The best Disney's Tangled Rapunzel accessories for kids. Overall it contains 7 accessories. The kit includes a shiny tiara, earrings, bangles, necklace and bracelets. Would look really lovely on your little princess. You can press the gem on the tiara for a magical glow. Similarly, if the icon on the necklace is pressed, you will hear your favorite song being played!

The Best Disney Tangled Accessories for Kids!

The Entire Disney Tangled Play Set with Figurines

Want to buy the entire Rapunzel set? Contains all the characters from Disney's Tangled Rapunzel. Play with them or bring them to your own home! This set contains Rapunzel, Flynn, Pascal, Maximus and other favorites from Disneys Tangled. Also includes - Toddler Rapunzel, Mother Gothel, Shorty, Hook Hand Thug & Valadmir. A recommended buy.


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      Traci 6 years ago

      Here's how my daughter's 5th birthday turned out:


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      rubina 6 years ago

      I looooooove long hair

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      elizabeth 6 years ago from Buncombe County, NC

      How cute this is. You must have a little girl. If so, you are very lucky. I had 3 boys and it is just not the same especially when they leave home and marry.

      Cute hub

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      imranhaider 6 years ago

      greate hub . vote