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Diwali – The Festival of Light As A Symbol of Triumph of Good Over Evil.

Updated on September 11, 2011

Beautiful Diwali Greetings to Wish All

The Joyous Festival of Light In India

Diwali is one of the largest festivals in India which the people of India celebrate with great joy and fun. On this very day every corner of land enlightened with lights. On this day the darken night becomes most beautiful with verity of lights and decoration. Diwali is for the celebration of the triumph of good over evil. The Indians especially Hindus have faith on so many gods and goddesses. And this day is also a day of praying and worshiping our holy gods and goddesses.

This festival is celebrated on the darken night known as ‘Amabashya’ according to Hindu month is celebrated in the month of Aswin (September) every year. There are so many stories are usually available on Diwali. One of the famous stories is based on the return of Sri Ram in Ayodhya along with his wife Sita and his younger brother Lakshman after diminishing the demon King of Lanka, Ravan who kidnapped his wife Sita. And the people Ayodhya celebrated this day by decorating the land with lights. On this very day Ma Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity is also worshiped by people in all over India. It signifies the sign to forget all worries and of a new beginning.

This festival begins with the celebration of Dhanteras. Dhan means wealth. It is usually said that birth of Godess Lakshmi took place; she rose from the bottomless ocean. Second day is celebrated as Narak Caturdashi as on this day Lord Krishna killed the demon Narakasura with the help of his wife Satyavama and save people from his hand. Third day is celebrated on the return of king Bali to his own kingdom and also on the return of Lord Ram to his kingdom Ayodhya. Fourth day is celebrated for the purpose of worshiping Lord Krishna as his feat of lifting Govardhana hill on his fingures. This is known as Govardhan puja. The fifth day is celebrated as Bhai Duj where every sister keeps fasting for the prayer of long happy life of their brothers. And the the story behind this ritual is that the king of death, Yama get satisfied with the prayer of his sister Yamuna who prayed to God fr long life of his brother and Yama declared that whoever being a brother will look after his sister with love and affection and protect her life till the last day of breathing will not die and since then this ritual is followed.

But in South India the context of Diwali is something different. There the stiry of slaying Narakasura by Lord Krishna is famous and people keep fasting on that day, wake up eary in the morning, pray to god and then celebrate this day with burning fire crackers.

People of India celebrate this day with great tumult. They whitewash their house.Bring statue of Godess Lakshmi, Godess Kali and wirship them with full of respect and follow complete rituals. They decorate their house with garlands, flowers and with rangoli (designs made by various colors.) On this very day people at night burn fire crackers, sparking light sticks, fire crackers which create sounds, a kind of fire cracker which fly in the sky and then enlightened with having various colors. And there are many more varieties available also fro enjoyment. People wear new dresses, get out to visit statues of Goddesses and Praying annex decorated with various designs and themes and with lamps and lights. The eat street foods, at many places fair takes place and people also enjoy by roaming there.

This is also brought good fortune for the businessmen. People started buying ornaments, dresses from the beginning of this festival and from the prior festival held just some days before, known As Durga Puja, The famous Bengali festival, where Goddess Durga killed the demon cruel king Mahisasura and save the other gods from his hand and brought peace in earth. On the very day of Dhanteras people buy gold ornaments, Silver ornaments and utensils and many more and many more things made by precious metals as it signs as good to buy on this day to get good fortune all over the year and life. Businessmen make profits during this festival, they collect various types of fire crackers, dresses, ornaments, sweets, snacks and street food sellers also get profits by selling foods, accessories. Many clubs, organizations, arrange worshiping the statue of Goddesses where many organization sponsors their products through banner and through other sources. Some also have takes designing the worship arena as their profession and on this festival they also make profit from there. TV channels, radio channels and all other media broadcast news on this festival; TV channels telecast the famous puja annex to the visitors, they organize many programme such as quiz, game shows directly from the puja place. People prepare various food recipes and sell them by making stalls at puja place and earn money from there. And in also more way people earn money during this festival.

People on this very day wish each other by going to their house with sweets, snacks. Other also welcomes them with broad heart. Many wish their friends, family with chocolates, beautiful cards, and with other gift items. Many people also wish their net friend with beautiful Diwali Scraps, Diwali Greetings. Some also wish each other through phone either by calling them or by messaging them with cool Diwali SMS and Diwali Message.

This festival really brings good fortune for individuals. Burning fire crackers signify that the evil will must destroy by good one day. And this celebration is for the win of good over evil. This festival gives us a lesson. Up and downs are the part of life, one follows the others. Happiness and sorrow will not stop permanently but we all have to go forwards. Lightening the lamp is the symbol of making our life bright to prevent darkness. It also says not to give up hope in life; Time will definitely show something better and good to us which we deserve actually.


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    • By Lori profile image

      By Lori 5 years ago from USA

      I like this a lot. I believe Good over Evil, what a great festival. I'd go to one of those. All the photos and such are beautiful.

    • Manasidas profile image

      Manasidas 6 years ago from Kolkata

      Hi thanks for your nice comment, and it will encourage me to write better and i will try my best to explain more in my articles.

    • instantlyfamily profile image

      instantlyfamily 6 years ago

      Thank you for sharing the tradition of Diwali. Your article is very well written. Your descriptions are very visual. I enjoyed learning about this beautiful time honored tradition through your eyes. I am voting up.