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DIY Lana Kane from Archer Costume for Halloween or Cosplay

Updated on March 23, 2018
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Len enjoys writing about at-home projects including cooking, home improvement, fixing and maintaining computers, and costume-making.

How to put together your own Lana Kane costume
How to put together your own Lana Kane costume | Source

Sterling Archer's long suffering partner/ex-girlfriend Lana Kane is often the straight man to the entire cast. Lana is competent, reasonable, and goal oriented. Unfortunately, she also knows she's the only sane person in the booby hatch and her arrogance is often her undoing.

For anyone looking to make their own Lana Kane costume at home, it's surprisingly easy. Although Lana doesn't wear the same outfit every day, her clothing is always a variation on a theme. When she's doing stealth work, a simple black turtle-neck/slacks combo is her go to look. Read on to find out how to make these two different costume ideas on your own using a few simple clothing purchases and items you already have around your home.

Lana Kane Daily Wear Costume

Lana has a pretty specific look that she tends to go back to on a daily basis. While she will often try out other outfits, she's cultivated her go-to and wears it well. Let's walk through the different elements that make up a good basic Lana Kane costume.

  • A Long-Sleeved Sweater Dress: Lana typically rocks a long-sleeved, short-skirted sweater dress with a loose turtle neck. Some people consider white to be the "iconic" color for Lana's sweater dress, but she often has different colors. She favors solid, strong colors however: white, red, green, blue. The sweater dress tends to be quite clingy, so be sure to wear flattering undergarments that won't show through if you're wearing this for cosplay.
  • A Thick Belt: Lana adds some texture to her uni-color dress by offsetting it with a large black belt with a circular belt buckle. She wears it just a little loosely, but it's never hanging off of her. Although the style ofbelt she wears on the show is fairly distinctive, any large black belt with a noticeable circular buckle will make for great addition to your Lana Kane costume.
  • Knee-High Black Boots: Lana is more than a little bit of a bad-ass. She's the type who is confident enough to wear knee-high boots and a short skirt to her office on a daily basis. If you have a pair of boots, you're already there with your Lana Kane cosplay. Boots, especially knee highs, can be quite expensive though. If you don't have the time or means, a pair of regular black boots or even shoes will do. Just pick up some thigh-high black stockings and head out.

Lana Kane's Signature Outfit

Lana Kane Catsuit Oufit

Lana Kane dressed in all black for a mission.
Lana Kane dressed in all black for a mission.

Like Archer, Lana usually changes into something a little less conspicuous when it's time to go on spy missions. Her "catsuit" outfit is actually easier to pull off for most people than her usual office wear. If you're looking to make a stealth-mission Lana costume, follow this easy guide to get started!

  • Black Turtleneck: Another turtleneck for Lana! This time, make it a tighter turtleneck instead of a loose one. This outfit is designed to maintain ease of movement while avoiding snagging your clothes on anything, so make sure it is rather snug.
  • Black Pants: Lana typically wears warrior tactical pants, with small pockets for ammunition or tools that would still keep her compressed and allow her to move quietly. You can substitute any black slacks for this outfit, though.
  • Black Boots/Shoes: You know, black. Like everything else she's wearing.
  • Accessories: Consider a small handgun, a machine gun, or other fun "spy" tools.

Leave some feedback!

We love to hear how our reader's costuming attempts turned out! Leave a comment below and give some feedback. Even better, leave a picture of the costume in action!


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