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Do it Yourself Sterling "Duchess" Archer Halloween Costume: Homemade Archer Cosplay

Updated on September 23, 2015

Spies, liquor, women, guns, intrigue, Oedipal issues: FX's Archer has it all. If you're looking to ape a little bit of Sterling Archer's style this Halloween, there's good news: making your own Archer costume at home is easy and doesn't have to cost too much!

Even better is how many options there are. Unlike other cartoon characters, Sterling Malory Archer (Codename: Duchess) has a variety of iconic costumes that you can choose from. Don't have a smart suit sitting in your closet? Try rocking a cat suit instead!

If you've got some friends who love group costumes, consider going out for Halloween as the entire Archer gang.

Image provided via FX media packet
Image provided via FX media packet | Source

Basic DIY Archer Costume: Suit and Tie Office Attire

The outfit fans see most often on Archer would be his suit and tie combo, used most often when in the office or out on the town. As you can see, there's nothing too fancy about this costume and large portions of it can easily be replicated with items most men should have around their home.

Core Items: A charcoal grey suit (including pants and jacket) and charcoal tie. Pair it with a simple white shirt and you're already there.

Extra Accessories: A silver tie clip, tasteful cuff links, and a pocket square. Although many people don't have these accessories in their personal wardrobe, Sterling would never be see in public without a little bit of flair. Check out the Amazon links below for affordable clips and pocket squares if you need a little help completing your costume.

Also, don't forget a gun! Archer might have simple office attire, but he's still a secret agent. You don't want people at the Halloween party or convention to think you're Don Draper!

Note: Archer does where other color suits, usually slightly darker than his more common charcoal. If he needs to class it up, he prefers a white tuxedo.

Image provided via FX media packet
Image provided via FX media packet | Source

Right Into the Danger Zone: Archer Cat Suit DIY Costume

Okay, so maybe you don't have a spare charcoal grey suit sitting around and you don't feel like spending a few hundred bucks to complete your Archer cosplay. That's fine! There's another iconic Archer costume for when he goes out on assignment: the cat suit.

Core Items: Black turtle neck, black or grey khaki work pants, black shoes, That's it! It couldn't be more simple. The black turtle neck is extremely crucial to making the outfit. Once you've got the perfect turtle neck, the entire outfit will come together.

Extra Accessories: First and foremost, Archer wouldn't do a job without some firepower backing him up. Any replica weapon you can think of would work perfectly: pistols, assault rifles, rocket launchers, anything that looks cool.

Also consider the fact that Archer tends to take some damage before all is said and done. The example to the right is just one way in which he might end up getting beat and bloodied on a job. Consider ripping and tearing the turtle neck and adding a little stage blood to spice up the costume.

Which Archer costume do you prefer?

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I hope you've found some guidance in making your own Sterling Archer costume. There are plenty of other costuming opportunities in the Archer universe, and I will be visiting them in the coming days and weeks. Check back later for more!

Be sure to leave a comment and share your own experiences making Archer costumes.

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