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Do we follow the spirit of Christmas?

Updated on December 24, 2012

His supreme sacrifice on the Cross!

Message of Jesus Christ to the world!

Raw rice can not be consumed as it is. It requires cooking in a ‘pressure cooker’. In a way, our conditions too are similar. We have raw feelings, opinions and judgments about the world and people around. These feelings need refinement. Hence, God subjects us to mental turmoil, grief and pain which is like the function of a ‘pressure cooker’. Man has taken birth in this world to work out the effects of his past deeds in various births. We are all aware that good deeds bring joy and happiness and evil deeds produce grief and pain. The results will accrue in appropriate time, if not in the present, it may occur at a future time. If we observe the life of people in general, none suffered for ever continuously nor did anybody enjoy in life in a continuous fashion. As day and night alternate in life, we are subjected to pain and pleasure in alternate succession. Man lives in this world not for enjoyment but for enlightenment. He has already undergone many births previously. But each subsequent birth must educate him and elevate him. He should become a refined individual, considerate to the sufferings of co-beings and he should try to alleviate their sufferings. He should share his resources with the have-nots. Miserably, man has forgotten his stature here. He is the embodiment of the Self within and not the outer physical frame. Bodies take birth and die ultimately. But the spirit within is ‘immortal’. It has no births or deaths.

This is also the message conveyed by Jesus Christ and many other exalted Beings who lived in this world. Jesus guided the people to adopt virtues. He derides pompous show of wealth and authority. He performed the so called ‘miracles’ only to induce faith in the hearts of people. He revived “Lazarus” from his death bed. He multiplied food. With five loaves of bread and few pieces of fish, he fed around 5000 people. He cured the blind, the dumb and the lame. But he insisted that they should have Faith in his words. The ego filled priests and wealthy traders planned to get rid of him. They made false charges against him and brought him to justice. The King saw their plans. Hence he excused himself being a party to their dubious ways. But the high priests hood winked the mind of onlookers and extracted remission for a criminal and instead Jesus had to suffer crucifixion as planned by the high priests. The King washed his hands of the judgment since it was the opinion of the majority of the people. As predicted by Jesus, his close disciple gave evidence regarding the identity of Jesus. Thus Jesus sacrificed his precious life for the sins of multitudes of people. He bore it courageously. He could have easily come out of this ordeal. But he has shown to the humanity that he has forgiven the mistakes of the people and those who crucify him. He shed his blood for humanity.

He is remembered today for his supreme sacrifice. He ascended on the third day to show the world that the scriptures are true. He is remembered on Christmas day by majority of the population in the world, but the people seldom follow his teachings. Celebrations drown the real spirit of his teachings. People feast on this day, wear new cloths but there are very few sincere followers of his great teachings like love, tolerance and compassion!


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