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Do you know that there are several "valentine's day" in a year all around the world?

Updated on February 13, 2011

February 14 of every single year is a great and meaningful day for all the couples in the world which is best known as Valentine’s day. Roses and Chocolates are the ancient love symbol for Valentine’s day. Well, there is several  “Valentine’s day “ in a year in the world. In western country, every 14th of the month is “valentine’s day “ , but it’s given a different meaning  and different name for each of the “Valentine’s Day.”

12 month a year which implied that there are 12 types of Valentine’s day in western. Let’s see a list of description of the 12 festivals.

1.      January 14th  -           Diary Day

The beginning of the new year,  people like to have their own confession to their lover. Usually, they will gift a diary book to the other half as to jot down every memorable moments they had together.

2.      February 14th -          Saint Valentine’s Day

Also known as Valentine’s day, originated in the third century of the ancient Roman Empire. This is the most significant festival among others, and it’s usually known by all the people. Big celebrations will held on this day. For those who want to confess to their lover, they will give present to them as a sign of confession. For the recipient, they can give their response in the next month of 14 which is known as White Day.

3.      March 14th -   White Day

The day finally arrives!  A day when people will know their confession whether is success or no.  If the recipient has a will to be in relationship with the person, they can gift a present to the person again which means the confession is accepted.

4.      April 14th -      Black Day

White day has passed,  here comes Black Day. A day which belongs to all the person which is still single, sounds miserable. But well, it weren’t that miserable, this day is a day which gathers them and cheer together.

5.      May 14th -       Yellow & Rose Day

On this day, you can wear  a yellow color shirt which imply a message to the others saying “ I’m still available.”  A gift of Red roses indicates confession to the others,  whereas yellow roses is a sign of “Goodbye” to the person.( take note that do not simply give yellow roses to your lover, it may ruins your confession)

6.      June 14th -      Kiss Day

Come on, do not hesitate anymore on this day, kiss your love one to show that how much do you love him/her.  Do not be curious that if you see many people kissing each other in this day, because it’s KISS DAY.

7.      July 14th -       Silver  Day

A day which you need to meet the parents,  sounds scary. You need to bring your mate to meet your parents and also vice versa. This day is important to ensure a good interaction of you, your mate and your parents for the rest of the day.

8.      August 14th - Green Day

Couples love to go hiking, swimming  and carry on some outdoor activities. Feels the power of nature with your mate is the best way to boost up you and your mate’s love.

9.      September 14th -  Music & Photo Day

Great social activities can be held on this day.  A day you can introduce your mate to your friends, colleagues and so on. A good interaction among you and your friends can be go through on this day. Activities such as dancing, photo shooting can be carry out.

10.  October 14th – Wine Day

Have a great Candlelight dinner  served with wine, classical music, delicious steak under dim light. How Romantic!

11.  November 14th – Orange & Movie Day

Hurry up! Go to the cinema now!  Have an exciting moments together  and enjoy watching the movie. Remember to serve yourself with an Orange Juice which indicates a sweet and sour moments of you two.

12.  December 14th- Hug Day

It’s almost end of the year,  remember to hug your lover.  Promote your love to your mate with a public hug. How awesome!

Valentine’s day of Chinese

In Chinese Culture, there’s two valentine’s day in a year. One is Lunar New Year Valentine’s day (Chinese Valentine’s day ) and another is “Lantern Festival”, also known as “Festival of Lights”

Chinese Valentine’s day held on July  7 ( According to Chinese calendar ) of every year, whereas the date of “Lantern Festival” held on the first fifteen of Chinese New Year.

So there’s about 14 Valentine’s day in a year which celebrates together in Western Country and Chinese country.


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